The Alpha Male Always Protects The Pack

First off...we need to give my sorority sister/temp. roommate a new name...SS just isn't gonna cut it. Henceforth, she will be lovingly known as JRich.

BTW...it's snowing here. It's totally, F'ing AWESOME!

So...last night, JRich and I went out for a little dinner, a little drinking, a little fun. To this point we really hadn't gone out and cut loose together since I've been up here so we decided we needed to remedy that. I forgot how fun she was. She's a total crack up. Last night was also the first time I've been out *alone* since I started dating Wolf. Now, I think I've sufficiently relayed the point and beaten the horse to death that I absolutely LOVE Wolfman. I do. More than I ever thought I could love anyone. BUT. I was a little nervous about going out alone. Why? Because I know me...or at least the former me. I've covered this in previous posts. In the recent past, I've had the incredible ability to fly by the seat of my pants, not think things thru and do absolutely STUPID things (i.e. McButter). Especially when I'm drinking and/or horny. Wolfie knew I was going out, had no problem with it, absolutely trusts me. I didn't tell him I was worried though. I talked to Mr. Mister (who I've been talking to on the phone quite a bit lately BTW. Side story about him in a minute) about it and he expressed his absolute trust in my ability to have a good time without getting in trouble. Easy for him to say...

Anywho...we looked hot, had a great time and went to some great establishments that further confirmed I moved to the right place. At the last bar we went to, we both IMMEDIATELY attracted two cling-ons. They kept following from a distance, smiling at us, finally sent over drinks. They eventually made their way over to us, after stopping to hug about 218 girls along the way, and tried to strike up conversations. Now for JRich...that's great. She's a single, good looking, awesome girl. I wouldn't have picked the guy hitting on her OUT for her (and apparently she agreed) but she's free and available. I gave my lucky guy ABSOLUTELY no positive signals at all...and if he had a gun to his head he couldn't take a hint. Finally he says:

Guy: We're getting ready to roll down the street to "so and so" bar.
Me: Oh yeah, well have fun.
Guy: You girls wanna come with?
Me: hmm...well, tell you what. Let's call my boyfriend and ask him. If he says yes then we're in, k?
Guy: um...

At this point, I proceed to dial Wolfies number...

Wolf: yes ma'am?
Me: Hi honey. I'm at a bar with JRich
Wolf: yes...
Me: and a guy just asked if he could take me to another bar and buy me drinks.
Wolf: k
Me: I told him he needed to ask you first.
Wolf: (catching on) well...let me talk to that hand job.

I hand the phone to the poor bastard who puts it to his ear and says:

Guy: What up?
Guy: It's cool, dude.
Guy: no dude, it's cool. I didn't know.
Guy: hey bro, I get it. Just chill.

He then hands the phone back to me and motions to his buddy. They both get up and leave.

Me: (giggling) WHAT did you say to him?
Wolf: don't worry. Is he gone?
Me: OH yeah. I think he shit himself.
Wolf: good.
Me: Thank you and I love you so very much!
Wolf: Anytime...you just let me know.

JRich and I had a gut busting laugh about that for a while. We both made it home safe and sound...thanks to the wolfman. The moral of the story? It's always good to have a wolf man in your corner. :-) I miss him so much. Can't wait for him to be here this weekend.

K...side story about Mr. Mister. I think it's pretty obvious that I have tried to keep this blog anonymous. It hasn't worked in ALL circumstances but the main people that I DO NOT want to find it haven't...so I cool with it. Mr. Mister found out about the blog. He wasn't mad or offended that there was stuff about him in it...it just made him a little self conscience. Said he has to watch what he says to me now. Great, damnit! :-) He's my friend on Twitter. If you can figure out who he is (not too hard to do) you should look him up.

I should probably get some work done now. Did I mention I LOVE my job? Yeah, I do. Tomorrow, I'll introduce you to the cast of characters that are my co-workers. They're great!

Love ya poodles!


  1. ahahah oh man I'd KILL lover if he went off on a guy randomly like that...

    probably got the job done though, eh?

    Love the new look also, yay for pink! :)