Jesus...what a long post!

Ok...so, like, I've needed to post for a week and a half now but have neglected to. My reasons range from outright busy-ness at work and lack of motivation (shocker, huh?). I was actually going to sit down and write this out on Saturday but every time I did a distraction came up...usually in the form of one Mr. Wolf Man. Anywho...this is gonna be a four parter. I thought about write four separate entries but ultimately decided to cram it all into one CostCo sized post. Hang on kids, it's gonna be a ride!

Part I: Thank you
Before I talk about anything else, let me say thank you to everyone for the sweet thoughts and words about the loss of Buster Brown. Life is moving on, slowly but surely. I still miss him like hell but...well, there's no but. I miss him like hell. Surprisingly, I think Wolfie has been taking it just as hard (if not harder at times) than me. It didn't dawn on me till after Buster was gone that Wolfman and Buster spent ENTIRE days together when Wolf first moved to Colorado and didn't have a job. They were buddies and my heart breaks a little when Wolf gets choked up about it. That's life though and we'll move on. Thank you though, from the bottom of both our mending heart.

Part II: The Promotion
So a week and a half ago I got a promotion. My official title now is Project Manager. The upside? The official title and a modest but respectable raise. The middle? I was already doing the work without the damn title. The downside? hmm...can't think of one. Crazy huh? Stil LURV my job!

Part III: Girls Night
Later that same week, I had a girls night. A MUCH needed girls night. I've discovered that living with a boy makes me narrow my focus, socially. It's my own fault and I take all the blame. So when JRich made a comment about not getting to spend any time with me lately I QUICKLY remedied the sitch. She and I and a couple of other girls went and got mani/pedi's, had dinner then went out for drinks and a little dancin'.

Whilst out for drinks, a good looking gentlemen sent me a drink. Now, I don't care what stage of a relationship you're in...you NEVER turn down free drinks! So I accepted, he came over and I made it clear that I was HAPPILY taken before any conversation started. He was fine with that and we had a really good conversation. Interesting guy, great personality, very intelligent. Anyway...about 20 minutes into the convo, he leans in and says:

Him: "so...you wanna get out of here?"
Me: "what? you mean like 'get out of here' get out of here?!
Him: "Yeah. I don't live to far from here."
Me: "Did you not hear me say I was taken? happily?"
Him: "Yeah, but you look like you like to have fun."
Me: "What the fuck does that mean?"
Him: "You know...you just look like you'd be into it."
Me: "So I look like a whore?"
Him: "I didn't say that..."
Me: "uh huh...whatever."
Him: "So is that a no?"
Me: "of course it's a no...I normally get $300 and hour to do that kind of thing. loser."

I picked up my free drink and walked away...leaving a stunned, open mouthed asshole in my wake. The girls got a kick out of the whole situation...as did Wolf. The whole evening, a-hole not included, was a smashing success and can't wait for the next girls night. But it got me to thinking. Which leads me to...

Part IV: All I Want For Christmas
I am in a tremendously satisfying, monogomous relationship. I don't want to be with anyone else but the Wolfman. But I realize that a-holes are gonna keep buying me drinks and hitting on me because I have no visible proof that I'm taken. I think just about everyone would agree that, when out on the prowl, most if not all guys check out a girls left hand first. Gotsta see if there's a rang on that finger to know if the hustle will work or not. I'm at the point that I don't feel like defending myself. I want a shining beacon above me that screams "she's taken, she's happy, step the fuck off, mister".

It just so happens that one night last week, while we were fixing dinner, Wolfie asks me "what do you want for Christmas?" Without missing a beat I said "a ring".

Wolf: "like an engagement ring?"
Me: "Yep."
Wolf: "K. What else?"
Me: "Nothing. That would be enough."
Wolf: "You can't just have one Christmas gift. If you don't tell me I'll have to think stuff up and you KNOW how bad I am at that."

Later that night, while laying in bed, he asks "So if you're wanting a ring for Christmas, when are you wanting to get married?

"August", I say.

"Wow...that's a long engagement." I hear from the dark.

Me: "When were you thinking?!"
Wolf: "like...Spring time."
Me: "WOW...that would be quick."
Wolf: "what? like you need more time to think about it?!"
Me: "No, I thought you'd need more time to get used to the idea."
Wolf: "I couldn't be more ready if I tried."

Man, nothing scares this guy. That's probably why I love him so. damn. much.

Ok, sorry for the long ass post...guess that's what we get for me not posting on a regular basis, huh? I would say that I'm gonna be more diligent about posting...but who am I kidding? I'm only writing this one to get Vonda off my ass! Oh. Snap. :-)

Later poodles, got work to do!


  1. Ha! Finally a post.... wait who am I to talk, I haven't posted in week, so I feel ya sister.

    The ring thing... big steps and I gotta say, I like what I hear :) It is true that guys will hear you say you're in a relationship but unless your man is with you, they could care less and continue on their asshole way.

    Hope to see more posts soon :)

  2. I hope you get your wish!

    p.s. they don't stop hitting on you even if you have a ring on.

  3. hahahaha LOVE IT!!!! ;) SO glad you FINALLY posted!!

  4. ugh boys are dumb - I gave a kid a ride home from a birthday party and he tried to kiss me before getting out of my car. I had no idea he was even interested before that point, but I firmly said NO THANKS I HAVE A BOYFRIEND and he still wouldn't give up! what the hell. ever since then, I've been thinking the exact same thing about a ring. unfortunately my boyfriend doesn't quite get the whole engagement/wedding planning thing and thinks it would be totally fine to ask me the day before he plans to get married. I hope you get your Christmas wish!

  5. Sadly, some boys don't stop even if you have a ring on. It's like a challenge to them. Blah.