Do I Know You?

So let's get to know AJ a little bit...
  • I'm 28. Single.
  • I have a grown up job. I'm secure and stable on my own.
  • A bit of a shop-a-holic.
  • I have a large group of friends that are my family since I'm not particularly close to my actual biological family.
  • I have a roommate that I rarely see because she spends most of her time at her boyfriends house.
  • I own a dog. Buster's his name. Sniffin' butts is his game.
  • Can't stand sleeping alone. I do it though...at times. :-)
  • I'm more comfortable hanging out with guys than girls.
  • I'm a touchy feely kinda girl.
  • I'm bi-sexual when it suits my interests.
  • Prone to dating hot losers.
  • Went thru a nasty break-up earlier this year. Still feeling the aftershocks of that break-up actually.
  • Not one for girly drinks...give me a beer.
  • Brutally honest. Sometimes too honest. Strangely enough...sometimes I don't wanna hear the truth myself. Go figger.
I know this goes without saying...but any stories I tell that involve other people...the names will be changed to protect the innocent and the guilty. With that, let's meet three of my friends that I'll probably be talking about alot.

Roomie - My roommate. We met thru a mutual friend and have lived together for 3 years.Like I said in an earlier post she's not around all that much lately. She spends alot of time at boyfriends house. I don't like him much so it works out. They're also like baboons during sex so it's good I don't "get" to experience that part anymore either.

BFF - My best friend in the whole world. We've know each other since grade school. She's my partner in crime alot of times and I love her to death but has a tendency to get lost in her drama and boys and needs someone on a pretty regular basis to put her pieces back together. She'd take a bullet for me though. You know...if I was ever shot at.

Mr. Mister - My co-worker that I confess to. He's good lookin', funny, semi-single (meaning he's not married), and is like a brother to me at times. All girls have a guy that get set on a pedestal because they're infatuated with him due to the fact that he secretly fills some much needed roll in our lives. We believe all the good stuff and ignore all the bad stuff. He's mine...so hands off.

I'm sure others will be involved...but I'm guessing these three will be involved more than anyone. I could be wrong. I usually am. Sue me.


The Confessor

as told by Joe Walsh...

If you look at your reflection in the bottom of a well what you see is only on the surface
If you try to see the meaning hidden underneath the measure of the depth can be deceiving

The bottom has a rocky reputation

You can feel it in the distance the deeper down you stare
From up above it's hard to see, but you know when you're there
On the bottom words are shallow - on the surface talk is cheap
You can only judge the distance by the company you keep

In the eyes of the Confessor

In the eyes of the Confessor there's no place you can hide
You can't hide from the eyes
Don't you even try

In the eyes of the Confessor you can't tell a lie
You cannot tell a lie
Strip you down to size
Naked as the day that you were born


Naked As The Day

Greetings and salutations. Year after year I tell myself that I'm going to not only make a few good new years resolutions but that I am, in fact, going to keep them all year. Don't tell me you don't know what I'm talking about. We all make those silent resolutions in our heads that we're not accountable to keep but stay in the back of our mind all year so that we can feel bad about them the following year. If we do, by chance, make a resolution OUT LOUD it becomes the bane of our exisitence because life become ABOUT keeping that resolution to the point that we give it up.

This year has felt like two full years crammed into one. A couple of deaths, a HUGE breakup, a car wreck, and a more drama than I can stomach are the things that decorate 2008 for me. As I reflect on it, I realize that I have very few people that I trust enough to expose the true rawness of my feelings and emotions to. I have tons of friends (both girls and guys), don't get me wrong. I've also realized that I've resorted to treating a 30-something, semi-single co-worker as my priest as I step into his confessional of an office on an almost daily basis to just drop things on him. Sometimes to get them off my chest. Sometimes just to see how he'll react. Why? Mostly because the circles we run in outside of work rarely overlap and after knowing and working with him for several years I feel like I can actually genuinely trust him to keep it to himself. And to his credit, he has offered some great rebuttals and advice and seems to actually know when to keep his mouth shut and listen. He's a great friend. But I realized something. This guy could write a book about me and my "adventures" in life (not that he would). So...my resolution this year is to beat him to the punch. The resolution I'm making outloud this year is:

Use a blog as my therapy instead of my co-worker. That poor guy needs a f'ing break. :-)

Oh I'll still tell him stuff...mostly because I've grown attached to spending time with him (that's a WHOLE different issue that we'll get into later). I'm not trying to change myself or make myself better. I am who I am. But when I get to the end of 2009 I want a record of my choices, both good and bad, so that I will only have myself to blame or thank. Plus I'm betting if anyone reads this...they're eventually going to laugh their ass of either at me or with me. Your choice.

With that said...my name is AJ (not really). Welcome to "Naked As The Day"...