Jesus...what a long post!

Ok...so, like, I've needed to post for a week and a half now but have neglected to. My reasons range from outright busy-ness at work and lack of motivation (shocker, huh?). I was actually going to sit down and write this out on Saturday but every time I did a distraction came up...usually in the form of one Mr. Wolf Man. Anywho...this is gonna be a four parter. I thought about write four separate entries but ultimately decided to cram it all into one CostCo sized post. Hang on kids, it's gonna be a ride!

Part I: Thank you
Before I talk about anything else, let me say thank you to everyone for the sweet thoughts and words about the loss of Buster Brown. Life is moving on, slowly but surely. I still miss him like hell but...well, there's no but. I miss him like hell. Surprisingly, I think Wolfie has been taking it just as hard (if not harder at times) than me. It didn't dawn on me till after Buster was gone that Wolfman and Buster spent ENTIRE days together when Wolf first moved to Colorado and didn't have a job. They were buddies and my heart breaks a little when Wolf gets choked up about it. That's life though and we'll move on. Thank you though, from the bottom of both our mending heart.

Part II: The Promotion
So a week and a half ago I got a promotion. My official title now is Project Manager. The upside? The official title and a modest but respectable raise. The middle? I was already doing the work without the damn title. The downside? hmm...can't think of one. Crazy huh? Stil LURV my job!

Part III: Girls Night
Later that same week, I had a girls night. A MUCH needed girls night. I've discovered that living with a boy makes me narrow my focus, socially. It's my own fault and I take all the blame. So when JRich made a comment about not getting to spend any time with me lately I QUICKLY remedied the sitch. She and I and a couple of other girls went and got mani/pedi's, had dinner then went out for drinks and a little dancin'.

Whilst out for drinks, a good looking gentlemen sent me a drink. Now, I don't care what stage of a relationship you're in...you NEVER turn down free drinks! So I accepted, he came over and I made it clear that I was HAPPILY taken before any conversation started. He was fine with that and we had a really good conversation. Interesting guy, great personality, very intelligent. Anyway...about 20 minutes into the convo, he leans in and says:

Him: "so...you wanna get out of here?"
Me: "what? you mean like 'get out of here' get out of here?!
Him: "Yeah. I don't live to far from here."
Me: "Did you not hear me say I was taken? happily?"
Him: "Yeah, but you look like you like to have fun."
Me: "What the fuck does that mean?"
Him: "You know...you just look like you'd be into it."
Me: "So I look like a whore?"
Him: "I didn't say that..."
Me: "uh huh...whatever."
Him: "So is that a no?"
Me: "of course it's a no...I normally get $300 and hour to do that kind of thing. loser."

I picked up my free drink and walked away...leaving a stunned, open mouthed asshole in my wake. The girls got a kick out of the whole situation...as did Wolf. The whole evening, a-hole not included, was a smashing success and can't wait for the next girls night. But it got me to thinking. Which leads me to...

Part IV: All I Want For Christmas
I am in a tremendously satisfying, monogomous relationship. I don't want to be with anyone else but the Wolfman. But I realize that a-holes are gonna keep buying me drinks and hitting on me because I have no visible proof that I'm taken. I think just about everyone would agree that, when out on the prowl, most if not all guys check out a girls left hand first. Gotsta see if there's a rang on that finger to know if the hustle will work or not. I'm at the point that I don't feel like defending myself. I want a shining beacon above me that screams "she's taken, she's happy, step the fuck off, mister".

It just so happens that one night last week, while we were fixing dinner, Wolfie asks me "what do you want for Christmas?" Without missing a beat I said "a ring".

Wolf: "like an engagement ring?"
Me: "Yep."
Wolf: "K. What else?"
Me: "Nothing. That would be enough."
Wolf: "You can't just have one Christmas gift. If you don't tell me I'll have to think stuff up and you KNOW how bad I am at that."

Later that night, while laying in bed, he asks "So if you're wanting a ring for Christmas, when are you wanting to get married?

"August", I say.

"Wow...that's a long engagement." I hear from the dark.

Me: "When were you thinking?!"
Wolf: "like...Spring time."
Me: "WOW...that would be quick."
Wolf: "what? like you need more time to think about it?!"
Me: "No, I thought you'd need more time to get used to the idea."
Wolf: "I couldn't be more ready if I tried."

Man, nothing scares this guy. That's probably why I love him so. damn. much.

Ok, sorry for the long ass post...guess that's what we get for me not posting on a regular basis, huh? I would say that I'm gonna be more diligent about posting...but who am I kidding? I'm only writing this one to get Vonda off my ass! Oh. Snap. :-)

Later poodles, got work to do!


The Saddest Day On Earth

This is probably the hardest blog entry I've ever had to write in the short time that I've been blogging. Wolfie and I lost a member of our little family this weekend. Buster, our beloved mutt, was hit by a car and died on Saturday. We were at the park playing and he did something he NEVER did. He started chasing after a squirrel and obliviously ran out into the parking lot. The car that hit him wasn't going very fast but it hit him JUST right and his poor little head hit the car and the concrete. He never woke back up. The world froze when I saw what happened. It was almost impossible to process what I was seeing. I sat in the parking lot, held him and cried for about a half an hour. The driver of the car was equally distraught about the whole ordeal but I reassured her it wasn't her fault and I didn't blame her. Wolf had to finally physically move us to the curb.

We were lucky enough, thanks to our vet, to find a place west of Denver that has a large pasture area that is used for nothing else other than pet burial. Our vet called in a favor and they stay around later than usual on Saturday afternoon so that we could make our way out there and bury Buster. They were such sweet people. We found a place under a shade tree and they dug the grave for us. We laid Buster in the ground at 6:11, Saturday evening.

I rescued Buster from a shelter around 3 years ago when he was just a puppy. They had found his mother along with two puppies under a bridge. They were all sick and malnourished. His mother and brother died at the shelter and he was left all alone. I had decided, on a whim, to get a pet and figured I'd get a dog from the shelter rather than buy some pure breed. I fell in love with him the minute I saw him! They told me he wouldn't get much bigger than he was at the time (lie) and that he had a calm temper (lie). I picked him up to play with him and when I set him back down he started WAILING and wouldn't stop until I went back and got him. I carried him around for pretty much the rest of the day and we were attached to each other from that point on. He slept with me from day one (until Wolfie moved in, that is) and was just a completely awesome, loving, protective, obedient dog. He had such a great personality and kept us laughing all the damn time.

I've been a wreck the past couple of days. As part of our morning routine, Wolf would take him walking in the mornings while I was in the shower and when they got home he would nose his way into the bathroom and peek in the shower and I would give him kisses on the nose. When I realized this morning that he wouldn't be peeking in the shower...I could hardly finish.

I'm going to miss him terribly and don't think I'm going to be "ok" for a long damn time. This is my absolute favorite picture of him. Miss you, baby boo...


Look! It's another Round Robin Tuesday!!

This week Brooke, Vonda and myself came up yet ANOTHER group of questions. Are we EVER gonna run out?! :-)

From Vonda:

If you could have a house totally furnished and paid for anywhere in the world where would you like it to be?
Somewhere back east. I've been to Connecticut and New Hampshire and loved both places. I'd love to have a house back east so I could go there in the fall and in the spring...maybe even the winter.

If you could go anywhere in the world for the next hour where would you go?
Tulsa. I love my life here but I miss my friends terribly sometimes.

What are you listening to right now that you can’t get out of your head?
A song called "Bang Bang" by K'naan. It's on my workout playlist and I usually hit repeat multiple times when that song comes up. It's infectious...

From Brooke:

Is there a certain brand (clothes, makeup, etc.) that you swear by? Why?
Jessica Simpson shoes. One reason: they're sexy as hell. Do we need another reason than that?

Most memorable date you've been on recently?
Easy. Our August trip to Aspen. I came home on a Friday to find the Wolfman sitting in the living room, bags packed, dog already at the puppy resort. We left every piece of technology we own on the coffee table and hit the road. Wouldn't even tell me where we were going till we were halfway there. We had a crazy awesome time and I spent the entire drive home thanking him for such a wonderful weekend.

How many pushups can you do?
I just did this the other night at the gym. I did 45...then promptly passed out.

From Me:

What's one thing you absolutely HATE doing?
Getting ready in the mornings. HATE. IT. I wish I could wiggle my nose like Samantha on Bewitched and just automatically be ready. If I didn't mind walking out of the apartment look like a complete animal I probably wouldn't get ready much at all.

Is there any part of your day this is a routine you follow every day?
Mornings. Wolf gets up and takes his shower then comes in and wakes me up. I go fix us coffee while he finishes getting ready and we sit on the couch and drink coffee together. Then he walks the dog while I shower. Every morning like clockwork. Even the dog knows the schedule.

Favorite junk food indulgence?
Lately? french fries. I'm a junkie. My favorite are Wendy's...

Be sure to check out Vonda and Brooke's blogs to see how they answered the questions!


Question Tuesday

This week Brooke, Vonda and myself came up with 1 question each. Be sure to check out Vonda and Brooke's blogs to see how they answered the questions!

What celeb do you despise? Name a male and female.

Male - easy, Brad Pitt. There's just something about him...his smile and the way he looks. Plus, he dumped Jennifer. Who does that?! I certainly wouldn't.

Female - I'm with Vonda. I can't stand Megan Fox. She's a whore. Plain and simple.

last thing you baked or cooked from scratch? include pictures if you happen to have them.

Oh no...I don't cook. Or bake. I've tried - really hard for a while - but it just didn't work out. So now the boy does it all and I have to say he's pretty fabulous at it!

If you had 12 hours to kill in your favorite city...where would it be and what would you do?

Easy. There's a place on the island of Oahu called Lana Kai Beach. The most awesome place on earth. I'd spend the whole time there.


Round Robin Tuesday, Kindredly edition!

Gather around the radio kids! It's time for the Tuesday round robin power hour with AJ, Brooke and Sole Matters. We're joined this week by Kindredly (go check her out!)

3 questions from Sole Matters:

1. How do you want to celebrate your 30th birthday?
I would like to celebrate it on the beach...preferably back in Hawaii...with just me and the boy (that would be a perfect honeymoon, huh?). I don't wanna make a big deal about leaving my 20's. I'm not especially happy with myself over a great deal of my 20's so I'm really just ready to move on to my 30's and start anew.

2. Who is one person/band that you haven't seen in concert that you are dying to see?
U2. LOVE them. They're playing in Las Vegas at the end of October...we're trying like HELL to get tickets. Cost be damned...

3. Your superpower is that you smell like dandelions whenever someone lies. How will you maintain your secret identity?
wow...two problems here. a) I don't think dandelions smell very good. I refuse to smell bad b) people lie all the damn time. Maybe if people were "outed" every time they lied...they would do less of it. So maybe this superpower would be better off NOT hidden?

3 questions from Brooke:

1. You have the perfect day planned with your honey, spent outside. The day of, you wake up to pouring rain! What do you do instead?
Sex. I'd freakin' stay in bed all day. Lord, it doesn't even need to be a rainy day for me to want that! I think I may have a sickness :-)

2. When you're feeling a little crazy with life, who is the person you know you can call to help you feel a little more sane?
Fortunately, I haven't needed a sanity check in quite a while but...it really depends on the situation. Life in general making me crazy? Wolf. Wolf making me crazy? Roomie. Work and career...and sometimes life in general? Mr. Mister. I count myself lucky to have so many "go to" people that love and care about me.

3. Is there a certain scent or smell that someone has told you reminds them of you?
No, that would be a sweet compliment though. There is a scent that does that for me, though. Lilacs remind me of my grandmother. I loved her to death. I dont right now but normally I have lilac scented candle in my office. I know what I'm going to Target for tonight...

3 questions from Me:

1. when you were a kid, what was one job you wanted when you grew up?
Don't laugh. I wanted to be a Wal Mart checker. I was probably 7 or 8 at the time. I just remember thinking that looked like a great job and would pretend to be one when I played by myself at home. I would even call for price checks. Yeah, I was a messed up kid :-)

2. if you could have a 15 minute conversation with one dead person, who would it be?
My grandmother. I miss her like crazy and would love for her to hear all about Wolfie.

3. three crazy items you have in your purse right now?
ok...I have a BIG ASS purse...so you can bet your ass that there are weird things in there at times! right now: 1) still have our room key from the trip to Aspen 2) a lighter in the shape of a tiki doll 3) a package of pop tarts that looks like it's been run over 328 times. There could be a small family of refugees living down there too...at this point, we don't know.


Back In The Game...sort of

So, if you have me in your Google Reader or any other kind of blog reader...you probably saw fifty-eleven new blog entries come up for me today. Fear not. I didn't sit down and write 40 something new blog posts. I reinstated all the older posts that I had deleted several months ago.

(read THIS entry to catch up on what I'm talking about)

Why did I reinstate them? Well, I mentioned a previous post that he's a really private guy. Not involved in any kind of social media or social networking of any kind. That's the whole reason the posts came down in the first place. So, a couple of weeks ago, in a random conversation, he tells me he'd be ok with those posts being back out there. Even though those posts mean the world to me because they document the start of our relationship, I was reluctant to repost them because I didn't want him just telling what I wanted to hear.

Last night, out of the blue, he asked if I had reposted those entries yet. So, after convincing me that he REALLY doesn't mind that they're out there, I reposted them this morning...and have had a BALL rereading them! So, with that...I'm back in the game, sort of. I've missed posting the random little details of my/our lives...but I'm going to be very aware and sensitive about what I post. Me? I could care less about what I post about myself (as evidenced by past posts). He's the one I care about.

Trust me, though. They'll still be entertaining! :-)


Round F'ing Robin Tuesday

OH what a day it is, dear readers (all two of you)!

For starters Brookie is back in the game. Oh HELL yeah. It's been waaay too long, baby girl. This week, we have a new partner in crime, "Don't Threaten Me With A Good Time". Go check out her answers and everyone else's too. Here are this weeks questions:

From Brooke:

1. What's the best thing about the area you live in?
mountains and snow. NEVER thought I would say that but man, I lookin' forward to the snow coming back and I can't wait to see Christmas around here!

2. What is your favorite fashion trend of all time?
HANDS down...popped collars. To me, that never gets old. I pop Wolfies collars all the time. He doesn't like it...but that's not the point now is it. :-)

3. If you won $5,000 today, what would you do with it?
Buy a house. I already have one picked out. It's not for sale...but that's a minor detail we can clean up later. :-)

1. What is your worst habit?
I smack my gum. I don't even realize when I start it but I realize when I do it. It drives me crazy so I know it does other people too.

2. Do you collect anything? If so what and why do you collect it?
Besides lip gloss(we've covered this)? Not really. I've never been much of a collector. I think that stems from how I lived growing up. On top of that...I can't think of anything I'd want to collect either. Is that sad? Yeah, kinda...

3. What is one thing that you would die to do?
Start my own fashion line. Don't know why...

From ME:

1. last book you read? would you recommend it and why...
"Living Dead In Dallas" by Charlaine Harris. The second book of the Sookie Stackhouse Southern Vampire Mysteries. I started reading them because I'm totally in love with True Blood. The books and the shows are very different so I would only recommend them if you don't watch the show or can handle following two universes with the same characters and different story arcs. With that said...they're fantastic books so far.

2. if you could have your favorite meal fixed for you, what would it be?
Roomie, back in Tulsa, used to fix a chicken risotto that was TO DIE FOR. She served it with these green beans that - I have no idea how she fixes them - were heavenly as well. Add a bottle of wine and then later on...Oreos and milk. Have I mentioned me and Oreo's are like Steven Adler and heroin? Yeah. Damn, now I'm hungry...

3. one place in the world you want to visit before you die?
China. Last year during the Olympics I became OBSESSED with China. I wanna walk The Great Wall, see The Forbidden City, The Water Cube, The Bird's Nest, The Terra Cotta Army...on and on and on. I'll get there...trust me.


Get Your Sexy On

My girl, Vonda, over at "Sole Matters" tagged me in one of her non-Tuesday blog entries. This particular post is all about feeling sexy. The rules? List five details that make you feel sexy then tag five ladies you'd like to know what ignites their sexy engine. Here are mine...

1. Running - I think my legs are my sexiest feature and running keeps them in shape. Not to mention that, on more than one occasion, a certain wolfman has attacked and ravaged me after I got home from a run because of how I looked. So...apparently...running makes me look sexy. :-)

2. "Cotton Blossom" by Bath and Body Works - I absolutely love this fragrance. I buy the body wash, body spray, bubble bath, lotion...you name it. If they make a product in this flavor I've bought it. I love how it smells on me. The wolf likes it too. I've even been known to spritz the bed with it on certain occasions. bow chicka wow wow...

3. This Outfit: Boy cut jeans, tshirt, flip flops. I actually wore this outfit all day Saturday in Aspen. I don't know why it makes me feel sexy...it just does everytime I wear it. I feel kinda feisty in it too. :-)

4. This Outfit: I actually wore this one in Aspen too...on Saturday night when we went out for dinner. I bought it earlier in the spring. I actually bought the shoes first beacuse I couldn't bear to think of living life without them and found the dress to match. :-) I feel sexy everytime I wear it...especially walking thru the restaurant on Saturday night. I felt sexy as hell wearing it in our room later on that night too. I'm just sayin'...

5. This Guy - no matter what...he makes me feel sexy because he thinks I'm sexy. No matter what I wear, how I smell, how much makeup I have or don't have on. When I'm making a pig of myself with Oreo's and milk and when I'm dancing around and singing. On my best days and on my worst days, he makes me feel sexy. And that, dear readers, will set you free.

I tag the girls at the following blogs:


Three Questions: Special Edition

We interrupt your regularly scheduled programming to bring you a special edition of Three Question Tuesday. Today, Vonda over at "Sole Matters" and I get to take a break and ask Avery over at "Slightly Undone" three questions each. Hopefully next week, since Brookie Brooke is back, we'll be back to our regularly scheduled programming. Glad you're back Brookster! :-)

Here we go!

From "Sole Matters":

1. What is Your Current Obsession?
1. Kindle
2. Etsy
3. drinking too much and being deliciously irresponsible with friends
4. trashy television (i.e. So You Think You Can Dance, the Bachelor/Bachelorette, NYC Prep, Miami Social, Gossip Girl, 90210, Real Housewives (of anywhere)....my list goes on...

2. What Would You Eat For Your Last Meal?
My Grandma's mac and cheese, and her homemade stuffing. I am a carb-o-holic and completely content with my body being a bit more fluffy than it should be. What is life without enjoying food you love? A close second would be a sweet potato tempura sushi roll. Accompanying all of the above would be a HUGE bottle of red wine. Specifically 2006 Frog's Leap Cab Sav, Cupcake Cab Sav, or Bitch.

3. What's Your Dream Job?
To be a book editor. Of chick lit novels. I love both reading and writing, but during my writing classes in college I found I hate being responsible for the whole concept of something (i.e. a book). But to take someone else's dreams and ideas and help them mold it into something even more fabulous makes me all giddy and squirrely inside.

And now from me:

1. the most embarrassing thing you've done to get the attention of a boy?

Wow, this is a toughie. I seem to make a habit of doing things that most people would consider ballsy but to me are just normal. So I would have to say...those times I didn't do anything at all. I am funny in the things I have the guts to do (kiss a stranger, move to another city for a boy I met during spring break, initiate shameless sexual innuendo) but sometimes I just can't say anything. And during those times I act like I am in 2nd grade and smile and look away and giggle. Not grabbing life by the balls and doing what I want to do in that moment is probably the most embarrassing thing of all.

2. Something that you've done recently of which you are really proud (big or small)?

Taking a chance on Mr. Bean, even though the odds were so against him. These past two weeks the happy hours and time spent out have been greatly reduced. It's been a total lifestyle change. But I would do it again in a heartbeat. It would've been easier on both me and him to not have the surgery, but taking the chance and being his advocate has definitely given me a new outlook on life.

3. Name 3 of your favorite movies and why they are?

Hmm not too much of a movie buff. I tend to fall asleep in theaters/on the couch. But I did have Netflix for a short period of time to try to change my habits.

1. Vicky Cristina Barcelona - Why? two words: Penelope Cruz.
2. Both Father of the Bride Movies - no matter how many times I see them, I love them and think they are hilarious.
3. Breakfast at Tiffany's - love, love, love Audrey Hepburn. There is something so innocent and awesome about movies without tits, sex, and bad words thrown all over the place.

Big thanks to Avery for taking the load off of us today. I'm of the opinion that Ms. Avery can join our little group any time she wants!

Have a great day, poodles. If you're lucky, I may have a regular "non-question" post later this week. Stay tuned!


Question Tuesday

So the question of the week is: What's your favorite smell? Well, I couldn't narrow this down to just one...so I have a top 5.

1. Freshly cut grass - reminds me of summa time! Usually around April/May in Tulsa people would start mowing their lawns on a regular basis and this smell would fill the air. To me, that indicated the start of summer. Here in Boulder, I didn't have that experience. I know people mow their lawns but it must be the lack of heat/humidity or something. One thing I miss about Oklahoma.

2. ck One cologne - It's what the boy wears and I. love. it. Sometimes I'll find a way to lay my head on his shoulder just so I can smell it. It's what wakes me up every morning. He gets up before me and showers and I usually wake up while he's shaving. It wafts into the room usually followed by him...coming to wake me up.

3. Christmas trees - I'm a Christmas freak. Seriously, it's not even funny how much I love Christmas. I love the smell of real trees...especially with cinnamon potpourri simmering somewhere. Yeah, I'm a nerd. Sue me.

4. Puppy breath - new puppies, when they nibble on your nose. In the words of Brookie Brooke "le sigh".

5. Houses at Thanksgiving - the smells of all the foods melded into one harmonious, tasty, "come eat me" fragrance. It's the smell that lulls you to sleep while you're laying on the couch watching football praying for death because you've eaten so much. It lingers in the house well into the next day. Yeah, that smell...

Check out the answer from my girl, Vonda, over at "It's What's In The Soul"!

God willing, our dear Brooke will be back from her summer adventures across the pond and will rejoin Vonda and I for the question game again next week! It's about DAMN time!