The Wolfman Cometh

First off, SO many apologies for no postings lately. Work has been hectic. Great...but hectic. For the first time in my career, I've been put in charge of a project. In the past I've always been the worker bee that followed someone else. NOW...I'm the one being followed. From the outside, I used to think project leaders and managers had it easy. Now that I'm inside, I no longer smoke that crack. Some days I end my work day not knowing my head from a hole in the ground. Kudo's to Mr. Mister for making this job look effortless and easy.

The bigger topic of discussion, though, is that the boy is here! He rolled in to BoCo at exactly 6:42 Saturday afternoon with a big ass trailer in tow. I cannot begin to express how good it feels to live in that apartment with him finally. We spent the entire day yesterday unpacking, setting up and doing a little decorating. It also feels really good to sleep in an actual bed again. :-)

Now that Wolf and I are in an actual serious relationship I got this crazy wild notion that I needed to be completely honest and open with him. Go figger. I've tried to keep this blog *somewhat* anonymous but it contains ALOT of talk about him...so I told him about it and let him read it. He's a very private guy and I thought he would be alot more upset than he really was. He actually got a laugh out of some of the entries about how our relationship bloomed and at the same time was a little embarrassed by some of it. I assured him that it was completely anonymous and nobody that we actually "knew" read it. I told him I would do whatever he wanted me to...be that stop blogging, delete some of the entries, make it private, whatever. There are several entries that he wanted me to delete and I totally respect that. He didn't want me to stop blogging if I really enjoyed it (which I do when I have time) but he wanted me to make the entries about "us" only available to us. Lisa, over at "High Heels and Sweatshirts" was right...this is a great way to document our relationship and how it blossoms and grows but I totally respect his privacy and wishes.

So, dear readers, many of my posts will be disappearing soon. I'll still blog about normal every day stuff (especially my question posts with "Republic of Brooke" and "Private Eyes") when I have time but the intimate, private life of Wolfie and I will stay just that. Intimate and private. I started blogging partly out of boredom, partly out of a need for an honest outlet. I hope you got a laugh out of reading about my ridiculous life and antics...but it feels really good not to have anything to blog about due to the lack of drama.

Life. Is. Good.


  1. so glad that things are good!!! I do believe you are a set of questions behind! ;) Im about to email with my set of questions for tomorrow.

  2. Congratulations on having some contentment in your life. It is the sign of a truly healthy relationship :). And, I think it's awesome that you can find a happy medium - keep blogging while also choosing to keep some things private. It's always a fine line...

  3. Congrats on having the boy near you again... I'm playing that waiting game now. One year...ughhhh :( But I think it's a good call to keep things private. I thought about how I was going to handle that, but decided to just mention SS, and keep 95% of the deets off the blog. I love reading your posts no matter what you talk about, so keep it up!!

  4. Congratulations Beauty! I'm so happy for you.