Round Robin Tuesday!

Round robin Tuesday! Here we go!

1. What was the silliest/weirdest thing you were afraid of when you were a child?
The closet door being open at night. COULD. NOT. HANDLE. IT. Always thought there was someone in the closet watching me while I slept. Still don't like it. I make sure all closet doors are closed before I lay down and turn out the light. Yeah, I'm still a kid. Sue me.

2. Best memory from your childhood?
I didn't have a childhood that I look back on with fond affection but the one excellent memory I do have is from when I was 11. On the last day of school, my mom picked me up from school and we drove STRAIGHT THRU to Orlando, Florida, and spent a week at the theme parks. Nothing went wrong that week and we got along famously (something that didn't always happen). I don't have alot of good memories where my mom is concerned but that one will always stick out because she spent her last dollar to take me on vacation. The one bright spot in a tattered relationship.

3. Do you believe in ghosts? Why or why not?
I do believe in ghosts. When I was in junior high, we lived in a house that had alot of "weird" things about it. Both my mom and I would see a light in the hallway some nights but if we got up to see what it was...there was nothing there. I never had this happen but my mom heard laughing a couple of times. Bedroom doors and closet doors would be randomly open and/or closed sometimes when we would come home. We both would try and laugh it off and we even gave our ghost a cute, funny name to make it seem not so scary but...it didn't really help. We only lived there a couple of years and I was more than happy to move that time. So yeah...I believe in ghosts.

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  1. We have the same answer for the first question! Glad I'm not alone on that one!!