Round Robin Tuesday

1. When do you feel like summer has started?
Memorial Day. It's a long weekend, people are opening their pools, cooking out, having parties. To me, that's when summer starts.

2. Favorite tv shows: childhood and present.
When I was a kid I was a cartoon junkie. If there was ANY kind of cartoon on, good or bad, I would watch it. I'm still a cartoon junkie. I'm totally unashamed to admit I watch Spongebob and a couple of others. As for adult shows now? I don't know how "adult" it is but I got hooked on 90210 again this year. I love Biggest Loser, One Tree Hill, Greys Anatomy, The Dog Whisperer, all the CSI's, and anything on TLC especially "Jon and Kate". I know it's a train wreck but I CANNOT look away.

3. What do you get out of blogging?
At first...it was just something to do. it was a place to tell my funny (and/or dumbass) stories. But the more I got into it the more it became a place to dump and purge without the worries of opinion and offense. It became theraputic and soap opera-ish all at the same time. I actually had fun doing it. After Wolfie and I got serious, I let him read it. He was bothered by some of the entries, embarrassed by others, laughed at pretty much all of it. He's a private guy and I knew he wouldn't want that much of "our" lives out there even though nobody he knew read it. He never told me to quit but I quit for him...mostly as a sign of respect i.e. I respect the fact that you're a private guy and I don't want to do anything that would offend you or make you feel uncomfortable because I love you. I miss it though. If I could find a way to leave him out of it I would start up again. Alas, that's hard to do when you're dating/living with someone...

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