Round Robin Tuesday...er, Wednesday

This weeks round of question is late for all three of us due to ME. I've been sick as a dog since Sunday afternoon. I've thrown up so much I think I saw my feet come out of my mouth at one point (sorry for the TMI). Here are this weeks questions though!

1. What's your current ringtone and why did you choose it?"
Still of The Night" by Whitesnake. Why? Because it's the sexiest song ever. Don't judge...

2. Name 3 of your favorite movies and why they are?
"Pee Wee's Big Adventure" - again, don't judge. If you sit and watch it...it's funny as hell. So what if he whacked off in a theater and got caught. Who hasn't?! Wait...was that out loud? :-)

"Win A Date With Tad Hamilton" - Shake-a-doo. It's cute, funny, mindless...plus you get to see Josh Duhamel in a towel. I'd watch grass wither and die if I could see Josh Duhamel in a towel (pre-Fergie of course!).

"Hairspray" - "GOOD MORNING BALTIMORE..." yeah I'm one of those girls. I know every lyric to every song and I can even do some (read MOST) of the dances. James Marsden is super cute too!

3. What have you been listening to lately, music wise?
The newest Shinedown CD is awesome and tasty. I listen to it when I need something agressive. Since Jimmy Fallon started and I realized that The Roots were his house band, I've been revisiting all their stuff...they're so damn good. And lastly, "Big Whiskey and The Groogrux King" by the ever talented Dave Matthews! Whenever he puts something new out I ALWAYS wear it out immediately. This one is well on it's way. Shake me like a monkey! :-)

Check out the answers from my girls over at "Republic of Brooke" and "It's What's In The Soul"! (BTW...love the new blog name, V!)

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  1. I am sooo going to buy DMB's new CD, I hadnt really heard much about it.

    I too was a little sad to hear that Zac Efron dropped out of the Footloose remake. BOOO!!!