shop-o-holic AKA "he said I could!"

So I haven't done a clothing post in a long.damn.time so I thought "what better way to post something other than our round robin Fridays". In honor of our trip to Cabo next month and at the behest of Wolfie, I pillaged Forever21.com and bought some new outfits. I've hardly been shopping since moving to Colorado (which is crizazy) in order to save on expenses but the Wolfman talked me into it. So, here we go!

Outfit #1:
This one is for going out at night. LOVE the jean skirt.

Outfit #2:
This one is probably to wear on the flight down. Boys don't understand that you NEED an outfit to wear on the plane. You can't just wear anything! hello?!

Outfit #3:
I didn't really buy this for the trip...but oh well. It's for lounging and being lazy.

Outfit #4:
This one is definitely for going out but not dancing. The girls my shake right out of this one!

Of course I have to buy shoes for all of the outfits (another thing that boys don't understand). AND...this weekend I need to go find a new swim suit! Man, it feels good to shop again! :-)

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