Round Robin...whatever day it is!

Brookie Brooke is away on assignment...so our updates for the round robin questions will sporadic and probably not all on the same day. Bear with us...we'll all eventually post! With that said...here's this weeks questions:

1. What's your favorite work of art, and post a picture?
I'll go you one better and tell you who my favorite artist is. Jasper Johns. I fell in LOVE with him during my art classes in college. I love the way he uses pop culture and the way he uses color in a controlled way but makes it look out of control sometimes. My favorite piece is this:

and I have a copy of it hanging in my living room.

2. Something that you've done recently of which you are really proud (big or small)?
Hands down...moving to Denver/Boulder on my own. It was the hardest yet the most rewarding thing I've ever done. I've never questioned it for a minute...which leads me to believe that I did the right thing.

3. What's your design style?
when left to my own, I'm a minimalist. Less is more. I can do other styles when needed...but when I do mock-ups for clients at work...my favorites are usually the minimalist versions of things. I decorate the same way too.

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