Round Robin Tuesday. Round 10?! Holy COW!

I can't believe this is our tenth round of this! Crazy stuff! Here's this weeks entry:

1. What word describes how you feel about your life at this given moment?
Content. That was a no brainer. There's nothing like starting over, fresh, to give you a new lease. A year ago, I never would have believed I would be in the place I am now but life has a funny way leading you to the place you need to be.

2. What is the funniest pickup line you have heard?
While I was still living in Oklahoma, a guy who was OBVIOUSLY Native American walked up to me at an OU watch party:

Dude: "Do you have any indian in you?"
Me: "Nope. Why?"
Dude: "Would you like some indian in you?"

I literally lost my breath laughing. He was kinda cute and way funny...I let him buy me a drink. And no, I didn't get a little indian in me that night. :-)

3. What is one of your favorite inside jokes? Explain.
Wolfie does the BEST Matthew McConaughey impression and he quotes "Dazed and Confused" all the time but there are two D&C quotes we say all the time:

"You just gotta keep on livin', man. L. I. V. I. N."
"All right, all right, all right."

Check out the answers from my girls over at "Republic of Brooke" and "It's What's In The Soul"!

Brookie Brooke, I miss seeing your Tweets every day but I hope you are having THE BEST TIME EVER over there! And in honor of the passing of the great Michael Jackson, here's my tribute with a song that I sing to Wolfman and dance to all the time!

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  1. Classy pick up line! haha ;)

    I would love to hear Wolfie's impersonation!!!