The Weekend

Sorry I'm just now getting around to blogging around the weekend. It's been out of pure laziness that I haven't. Go figger.

We had a BLIZ-ZARD here last Thursday and Friday. 20 inches of snow. Yeah. So much snow that they closed down DIA on Thursday. They sent us home early on Thursday and we were off on Friday. It was crazy. I've never seen this much snow in my entire life. It's F'ing awesome. Buster flipped out at the amount of snow. Friday he just couldn't stand it anymore and BOLTED out the door when I opened it and went frolicking thru the drifts. Yeah, I'm sure he had fun but there was no fun had in chasing him down OR getting all the snow off of him. Mom was very put out!

Wolfie was here this weekend. The storm that hit us moved on to KS and OK on Friday and there was a chance his flight could have gotten cancelled. It's a good thing it didn't because I would have gone carnival freak CRAZY on someone's ass. There was no way I was waiting any longer to see him. I mauled him the minute I saw him. Most people would have been conscience of the fact that there were other people around watching but um...I didn't care. I probably would have turned around and dropped the panties right there if he had wanted it. FORTUNATELY his cooler head prevailed and we saved other people the embarassment of watching us hit it like a couple of gorillas. It wouldn't have been a family friendly scene. We made up for it later, though! :-)

We stayed at the Magnolia hotel in Denver. I didn't think it right for us to stay at the apartment all weekend and JRich offered to take care of Buster. You should look the hotel up, it was fab! Wolfie LOVED the apartment I found for us and Saturday we went out and bought a couch and a hi-top dining set for OUR apartment! (insert school girl giggle here). They get delivered on Wednesday.

The weekend went by WAY too quick...like I knew it would. And we're not going to see each other again for two weeks. All the time we had alone seemed to go in fast forward and I kept finding myself trying to slow things down. I wanted him to meet some of my new co-workers and see Boulder and all that but when you have a finite amount of time all of those activities seem like a waste. I just wanted to lay in bed with him and talk (well ok...not JUST talk) or sit and look at him and listen to him. I kept closing my eyes all weekend...trying to memorized the moment. The sounds. The feel of his hands or his body against me. His cologne. His voice. How soft his lips were. His laugh and what stupid thing I did to make him laugh. Memorizing conversation we had word for word. When did I turn into a girl?! I think we said "I love you" approximately 2,411 times. We're like Jr. High kids. It's kinda sickening.

I picked up the keys to the apartment last night. The couch gets delivered on Wednesday. I think I'm going to start staying there Wednesday night. I don't have a bed yet (it's still in Tulsa) but I'll either sleep on the couch or buy one of those inflatable ones. Wolf will be here in a month (along with the rest of our furniture) and I can manage either one of those for that long. I just want to get out of JRich's hair and space. She hasn't complained but she's the only girlfriend I have here right now and I don't wanna ruin that! LOL

That's life in the slow lane, boys and girls. The blog posts have gotten progressively more boring lately. I guess that's what settling down and falling head over heels in love will do to you, huh? Maybe I'm at the point I shouldn't do this anymore? I dunno...

Kisses, poodles. Have a great day. I'll leave you with these lyrics from one of my ALL TIME favorite songs that seem to be appropriate for me right now:
Theres a hole in my heart
That can only be filled by you
And this hole in my heart
Cant be filled with the things I do


The Alpha Male Always Protects The Pack

First off...we need to give my sorority sister/temp. roommate a new name...SS just isn't gonna cut it. Henceforth, she will be lovingly known as JRich.

BTW...it's snowing here. It's totally, F'ing AWESOME!

So...last night, JRich and I went out for a little dinner, a little drinking, a little fun. To this point we really hadn't gone out and cut loose together since I've been up here so we decided we needed to remedy that. I forgot how fun she was. She's a total crack up. Last night was also the first time I've been out *alone* since I started dating Wolf. Now, I think I've sufficiently relayed the point and beaten the horse to death that I absolutely LOVE Wolfman. I do. More than I ever thought I could love anyone. BUT. I was a little nervous about going out alone. Why? Because I know me...or at least the former me. I've covered this in previous posts. In the recent past, I've had the incredible ability to fly by the seat of my pants, not think things thru and do absolutely STUPID things (i.e. McButter). Especially when I'm drinking and/or horny. Wolfie knew I was going out, had no problem with it, absolutely trusts me. I didn't tell him I was worried though. I talked to Mr. Mister (who I've been talking to on the phone quite a bit lately BTW. Side story about him in a minute) about it and he expressed his absolute trust in my ability to have a good time without getting in trouble. Easy for him to say...

Anywho...we looked hot, had a great time and went to some great establishments that further confirmed I moved to the right place. At the last bar we went to, we both IMMEDIATELY attracted two cling-ons. They kept following from a distance, smiling at us, finally sent over drinks. They eventually made their way over to us, after stopping to hug about 218 girls along the way, and tried to strike up conversations. Now for JRich...that's great. She's a single, good looking, awesome girl. I wouldn't have picked the guy hitting on her OUT for her (and apparently she agreed) but she's free and available. I gave my lucky guy ABSOLUTELY no positive signals at all...and if he had a gun to his head he couldn't take a hint. Finally he says:

Guy: We're getting ready to roll down the street to "so and so" bar.
Me: Oh yeah, well have fun.
Guy: You girls wanna come with?
Me: hmm...well, tell you what. Let's call my boyfriend and ask him. If he says yes then we're in, k?
Guy: um...

At this point, I proceed to dial Wolfies number...

Wolf: yes ma'am?
Me: Hi honey. I'm at a bar with JRich
Wolf: yes...
Me: and a guy just asked if he could take me to another bar and buy me drinks.
Wolf: k
Me: I told him he needed to ask you first.
Wolf: (catching on) well...let me talk to that hand job.

I hand the phone to the poor bastard who puts it to his ear and says:

Guy: What up?
Guy: It's cool, dude.
Guy: no dude, it's cool. I didn't know.
Guy: hey bro, I get it. Just chill.

He then hands the phone back to me and motions to his buddy. They both get up and leave.

Me: (giggling) WHAT did you say to him?
Wolf: don't worry. Is he gone?
Me: OH yeah. I think he shit himself.
Wolf: good.
Me: Thank you and I love you so very much!
Wolf: Anytime...you just let me know.

JRich and I had a gut busting laugh about that for a while. We both made it home safe and sound...thanks to the wolfman. The moral of the story? It's always good to have a wolf man in your corner. :-) I miss him so much. Can't wait for him to be here this weekend.

K...side story about Mr. Mister. I think it's pretty obvious that I have tried to keep this blog anonymous. It hasn't worked in ALL circumstances but the main people that I DO NOT want to find it haven't...so I cool with it. Mr. Mister found out about the blog. He wasn't mad or offended that there was stuff about him in it...it just made him a little self conscience. Said he has to watch what he says to me now. Great, damnit! :-) He's my friend on Twitter. If you can figure out who he is (not too hard to do) you should look him up.

I should probably get some work done now. Did I mention I LOVE my job? Yeah, I do. Tomorrow, I'll introduce you to the cast of characters that are my co-workers. They're great!

Love ya poodles!


Picture Post

So this may be a picture heavy, text light entry. What are you gonna do?

For starters, I've been trying to keep my shopping to a minimum while out of work/searching for work. Keeping me from shopping is a little like keeping a crack addict off the street. I have to shop. It's as simple as that. So I've been thoroughly impressed with myself that I haven't bought much of ANYTHING in quite a while. So...last night, I decided I'd reward myself and go to Forever21.com and spend $50 and $50 only with my excuse being that I'm still in need of sweaters here in Colorado. I even stuck to the "Sale" section. Here's what I got:

I'm so totally impressed that I stayed under $50 and got some AMAZINGLY cute clothes. They'll be here just in time for me to wear the pants and pink top to pick Wolfie up at the airport this weekend.

Now, on to the BIG new. I found Wolf and I an apartment this morning. I was lucky enought to find an empty one. It's being painted as we speak and should be ready by the weekend. It's a super cute one bedroom near the Pearl Street district. It's more than I really wanted to pay but Wolf told me to get it...so I did it! Yeah! My big problem now is that I have no furniture aside from my TV. Wolfie has some that will come with him but until then...what's a girl to do? Looks like I'll be sitting in a bag chair till he moves up! :-)

My posts have been kinda boring lately huh? I should probably fix that or I'm gonna lose readers! I've realized that settling down leaves you with an abbreviated amount of drama/blog fodder. That's not a complaint though! Eventually, I'll have a new cast of characters to introduce you to. Kinda like Whitney moving from "The Hills" to "The City". But until then...help a sista out! Send me some questions or interviews or SOMETHING.

Have a great day, poodles...


Brand New Day

So I'm laying here on a fold out couch, Buster laying across my feet, all of my stuff still in suitcases in SS's dining room...and I love it. We're a little crammed into this one bedroom apartment but SS is being SO great about things. She told me I can stay as long as I want (which won't be long) and she even made room in her closet for me. I spent today looking around the area at different apartments. I plan on having a place for Wolfie and I by Wednesday. Ambitious? Yes indeed.

Speaking of the Wolfman, we had a glorious week last week. We spent some GREAT and much needed quality time together. Sleeping next to him every night is something I'll have NO trouble getting used to when he gets here. I had a great time with my girls too. I'm gonna miss them the most. They threw me a goodbye party on Friday night at my favorite sushi restaurant. We had a great time, I got a little too drunk and did some very inappropriate things to Wolf. He didn't seem to mind. :-)

It was hard saying bye to Roomie and BFF on Saturday morning...we were all basket cases. But it was even harder saying bye to Wolf. I know I'm going to see him this next weekend but damn...I've never felt this way about anyone. He's gotten into my soul and I'll be damned if I let him get out. To this point, he seems to have the perfect thing to say at the perfect time. Saturday morning, standing outside my car, clinging to him, not wanting to get in the car and leave...he takes my face in his hands, kisses me, wipes away my tears and says

"Go to Colorado. I'll be right behind you. Promise."

I know you will, my love, and I cannot wait!


What Makes Me Belly Laugh

Brookie Brooke over at "The Republic of Brooke" made a list the other day of things that make her laugh till her belly hurts. I told her I'd make a list...so here it is!

Feeding Buster peanut butter - this gets me. every. time. He gets so into trying to get it off the roof of his mouth that he starts rolling around on the floor and rubbing his head on the carpet. Yeah, it's kind of sadistic but he loves peanut butter and mommy LOVES to watch him eat it. Buster + peanut butter = laughing so hard I can't catch my breath.

Roomie and BFF - We crack each other up on a consistent basis. We seriously have sat around this week and laughed and laughed and laughed. I'm gonna miss that.

iCarly - I'm totally not ashamed to admit I watch WAAAY too much Nickelodeon. I'm just a child at heart. I don't know how or why I watched the first episode of this show but I laughed my ass off.

Eddie Murphy's "Delirious" - Hands down, the funniest stand up routine EVER. 'Nuff said.



I am surprisingly excited about all the shit I have to do this week to wrap up, pack up and move NakedAsTheDay.com central headquarters to the beautiful town of Boulder, Colorado. I don't have much furniture and what I'm not giving to Roomie I'm putting in storage for Wolf to bring when he moves up. I'll be stuffing the Maxima to the gills and Buster and I will wave "bye bye" to the life we've known here. It's exciting and scary all at the same time. Love it.

Speaking of Buster. He wasn't happy at all that I've been gone for a week. Roomie said he was depressed all week and kept going into my room to lay on the bed. Poor baby. To get back at me, though, he's torn something up every day I've been home. Saturday, after I got home, he chewed thru the handle of one of my bags (not a good one but still...). Yesterday, while Wolf and I were out and about, he proceeded to chew up a flip flop. Today, while I was in shower, he started to mangle a tshirt. We've had a come to Jesus meeting. He's seen the error of his ways and has apologized profusely. He's still on probation.

I can't even use words to describe how good it felt to see Wolfie waiting on me when I pulled into the complex on Saturday. I don't think I've missed someone like that in my life. I jumped straight into his arms right. And although he convinced me otherwise, I thought it a grand idea to push him to the ground and fuck the hell out of him right there in front of God and the whole complex. Some people just have a problem with PDA, I guess. :-) Don't worry, though. I took him inside and got the job done. Several times.

I haven't seen or spoken to Ice since the "incident" and most of me has had ZERO desire to do either...ever. But I've been pleasantly surprised by the fact that he hasn't given Wolfie any shit for us being together so I thought it time to clear the air and bury the hatchet.


Wolf and I went to his place to get some stuff for the week. He stays at my place for several reasons:
1) I have a nicer place and a bigger bed
2) there's usually food and beverages at my place on a fairly consistent basis and
3) there's no Iceman and my place.

Anywho...my first reaction, upon seeing Ice, wasn't to scratch his eyes out like I thought it would be. It was very tense but cordial. There was some chit chat...about the new job and the move and what not...simple and easy enough. Then Wolf went to pack some stuff and left Ice and I alone in the living room. We just looked at each other until he finally asked "so...lotta hot chicks in Colorado?" with that greasy grin of his. We used to have semi-adult conversations. We used to joke around. But as I stared at him, I realized I wanted nothing to do with him anymore. I realized that our friendship (if you wanna call it that) was always based on potential...as in we were a potential hookup. The sexual tension had been replaced with just uncomfortable tension. I used to think he was gorgeous and awesome. He was Iceman...just like in Top Gun. Now he just seemed empty and ordinary.

The whole time we were alone there was no apology or attempt to clear the air. When we left, there wasn't a "bye" or "good luck" or "have a safe trip". He just sat there on the couch, drinking his beer, watching basketball. There was a time when I could have gone either way on these two. Iceman on one side. Wolfman on the other. But as Wolfie opened the car door for me and kissed me before I got in, I realized one great thing:

I made the right choice.


Home Sweet Home

When you move from apartment to apartment, things aren't that hard to take care of. Sometimes they can get a little frustrating but nothing major. Try moving to a new city in a new state. Holy. Shit. I started making a list this morning of things that have to get taken care of a I about shit a goose.

I'm driving home Saturday morning. Not soon enough for me, damnit. I absolutely LOVE it here, don't get me wrong, but I miss my Wolfie and phone sex just isn't cuttin' it. Seriously. It's good but man...it doesn't compare to the real thing. That's gonna be the worst part of this...me being here and him being in Tulsa. We talked about that on the phone last night and how scared I am of the distance. He put the conversation to rest like this:
"Do you have any idea what I've gone thru to get to this place with you? You moving to Colorado doesn't scare me one bit."
Oh...my love...WAIT till I get my hands on you.

SS has a one bedroom apartment and I've been sleeping on the pull out while I've been here. She's offered to move to a two bedroom with me but Wolf and I have decided that I need to find a one bedroom on my own. He's going to help me pay for it so that when he moves up we'll have a place to live. He's DEAD set on moving up with me which just blows me away. He says he plans on moving at the first of May...whether he has a job or not. Part of me is scared by that. But another part...a much larger part...has never felt THAT wanted or loved in my life.

On the phone this morning, BFF asked if I thought we were moving really fast. My answer? Yes...but it doesn't feel wrong. In fact, nothing has ever felt this right before.



I. am. employed. Holy. Shit.

I've been sitting at SS's apartment for a couple of hours waiting for her to get home from work. I've been pacing a little too due to the fact that I didn't know when or how I would hear back about the interview. About a half an hour ago, her boss (my NEW boss) called me and said:

Boss: "would you be interested and/or able to hang around the
rest of the week and help us out on a couple of projects?"

(bewildered and a little confused):
"Um...yeah. I guess I could do
that. I don't really have to be back in Tulsa for anything."

Boss: "We figured you could help us out for the rest of
the week and if you liked what you were doing at the end of the week you could
just hang around permenantly."

Me: (long pause)

Boss: "Yeah, we'd love to be a part of our
team. That is if (insert salary here) sounds good to you."

I called Wolf in near tears and so totally excited and his response was:

"Well, I guess I better start looking for a job in Denver."

I'm moving to Colorado, folks! SS is on her way home and we're going to celebrate!

I Know All There Is To Know About The Waiting Game

I found the coolest little book store on Pearl Street this morning. Sat in there in a big comfy chair, drank regular coffee from a larger than life coffee cup and perused half a dozen books. To quote that great theologian Janice Joplin "take another little piece of my heart now baby.."

Had my interview today at 1:30. First off, here's the building where SS works and where my interview was:

They call this area of downtown Denver the 16th Street mall and it's FAB-U-LOUS! The building just left of center is the one I'm talking about.

The interview was long. LOOOONG. But I think I knocked my part out of the park. I sat in the room with three people all of whom had seen both of my portfolios. The peppered me with questions for about 45 minutes...not hard questions just "questions". Then they spent time telling me about the company. I'd heard alot of it from SS but they went into way more detail.

I. Love. This. Place.

I can't lie. I love it here. I'd take a job in a heartbeat if it were offered...


If You Didn't Know Before...

I. Love. Boulder. Seriously...it's F'ing gorgeous here. SS has spent the day showing me around Boulder and the surrounding area. I'm in love. Seriously. Did I mention that? Yeah.

Here are some pics of the coolest place I've seen in a long time. It's here in Boulder...called Pearl Street:

First of all...this is the view from one end of Pearl Street. Damn.

Ate lunch at Falafel King. Mmm mmm good. Seriously.

The next 3 are just random views of Pearl Street.

We're having lunch with a couple of SS's co-workers tonight and then tomorrow I have the big interview with her boss. I'm nervous as hell but SS is beside herself with excitement. She's so funny.

Sunday morning was the hardest time I've had in a long time. I had to leave Wolf. We spent a GLORIOUS weekend together. I ain't gonna lie...we had ALOT of sex. And not just good sex but the kind of sex that convinces you that you just might die with the next orgasm because nothing should feel that good. That has to be the same feeling heroine addicts have that keeps them hooked on smack. I was the bedroom version of Steven Adler ("Sober House" reference) on Friday night/Saturday morning. At one point...all I could do is meow. Yeah. I meowed. When was the last time you were so completely satisfied you meowed? Yeah, I can't think of a time either. A trust me...Wolf won't let me forget it!

So before you start thinkin' that my relationship with Wolf is purely based on sex...don't. While it is true that we didn't go to sleep Friday night till 8:30 AM on SATURDAY morning, there was a 3 hour stretch in there where we just laid in each others arms and talked. THAT...was almost better than the sex (almost). At one point, I told him that he was the only reason I didn't want to leave Tulsa and he told me not to make a career decision based on him. That kind of stung a little but I let it go. Sunday morning...he walks me and my bags to my car, we kiss and cuddle a little more and then he says again:

Wolf: "Don't make a career decision based on me or our relationship."
Me: "Why? Don't you think I love you that much?"
Wolf: "Because...I"ll follow you anywhere you go."

My GOD boy...If you didn't know before you better know now. I am SO completely yours. :-)

Wish me luck tomorrow, kittens. I'm gonna need it!


Slow Your Pony There Cowboy

So it's been a LONG ass week of travelling around to work for very little money. Spent some much needed time with Wolfie when I got home last night. MUCH needed. Nothing quite like waking up next to a naked boy at 2am and telling him I need "some" only to have him light me up like it was the first time we'd had sex. Don't worry...I repaid the favor this morning by waking him up with my mouth. :-)

Mmm mmm...love that boy with the red hot fire of a thousand suns.

It's decision time. Most people would say it's too early to panic about not having a job. But I freely admit that I live paycheck to paycheck and probably beyond my means (especially now that I have no means). The bills have to get paid and making the paltry sum I did this week ain't gonna cut it, babies. None of the resumes and applications have brought any solid interest in and the potential client pick ups that we were hoping for are taking their sweet ass time. So...Sunday I make the 10 hour trek to Boulder, Colorado to spend some time with my sorority sister and to have a sit down with her boss. Is it a sure thing? Nope. Do I want to move to Colorado? Nope. The cost of living there is higher and the pay is probably lower. Not to mention the aforementioned boy that I love with the very depths of my soul wouldn't be there.

Here's the deal: I refuse to take a job that doesn't employ the education and degree that I spent my very last dime on. Call me stubborn, stupid, whatever. Add to that the fact that the job market in Tulsa slides further into hell every day. Of all the people that got laid off with me, I know of only 4 of them that have found employment elsewhere. Out of 29. And quite honestly...graphic designers are the last person on the hiring priority list right now. Wolf mentioned living together and he'd pay the bills. He even hinted at the "M" word. Slow your pony there cowboy! Let's not get CRAZY. I love you, but come on. So I have to do what I have to do...which means driving to Boulder, Colorado. At least there I would know someone and I would have an instant roommate and a place to live. Those facts, though, give me no joy. Fucking economy.

So wish me luck. I'm going to spend the next two days satisfying my boyfriend...with laundry and packing thrown in there somewhere. Sunday is gonna be a bitch...


Clawing My Way Out

So it's been a week since the world went to hell in a handbag and I was laid off. I spent 3 days in a drunken state, laying in the darkness of my bedroom. An intervention was finally staged Wednesday night by Wolf, Roomie and BFF. My ass was thoroughly kicked and I was told to get my shit together. Nothing like the love of friends...

One good thing about a company that just goes completely belly up with no transition plans in place? Clients are left spinning their wheels and scrambling for alternatives to finish projects that are in progress. A group of us have made contact with a handful of former clients to see if they'd be interested in retaining us to finish up projects that were in progress when the company folded. We've had some positive response so far so we'll see where that goes. In other job news:
  • A former client in Oklahoma City that I did a tremendous amount of work for JUMPED at my offer to finish a few things up for them. It's not much work...a couple of days...but it's better than nothing, right?
  • I sent my resume and portfolio out to four places last Friday. Two have already made contact and said they like my work and will be in touch. Three of the four are local so that's a good thing. LOW paying jobs, though...I'm sure.
  • I have a sorority sister in Denver who is a designer like me. She said her firm is entertaining the possibility of adding a graphics and layout person. She's going to check on it and lobby for me if it's a reality.

I'm not wild about the idea of moving (or travelling for that matter) to work but you have to do what you have to do to pay the bills. I appreciate everyones good wishes, thoughts and concern for me as I dropped off the face of the earth. I'm in survival mode now...and I'm back in the saddle. When I get this focused on something I tend to have blinders on so apologies in advance for neglect or lack of updates.

I'll let everyone know what happens...