If You Didn't Know Before...

I. Love. Boulder. Seriously...it's F'ing gorgeous here. SS has spent the day showing me around Boulder and the surrounding area. I'm in love. Seriously. Did I mention that? Yeah.

Here are some pics of the coolest place I've seen in a long time. It's here in Boulder...called Pearl Street:

First of all...this is the view from one end of Pearl Street. Damn.

Ate lunch at Falafel King. Mmm mmm good. Seriously.

The next 3 are just random views of Pearl Street.

We're having lunch with a couple of SS's co-workers tonight and then tomorrow I have the big interview with her boss. I'm nervous as hell but SS is beside herself with excitement. She's so funny.

Sunday morning was the hardest time I've had in a long time. I had to leave Wolf. We spent a GLORIOUS weekend together. I ain't gonna lie...we had ALOT of sex. And not just good sex but the kind of sex that convinces you that you just might die with the next orgasm because nothing should feel that good. That has to be the same feeling heroine addicts have that keeps them hooked on smack. I was the bedroom version of Steven Adler ("Sober House" reference) on Friday night/Saturday morning. At one point...all I could do is meow. Yeah. I meowed. When was the last time you were so completely satisfied you meowed? Yeah, I can't think of a time either. A trust me...Wolf won't let me forget it!

So before you start thinkin' that my relationship with Wolf is purely based on sex...don't. While it is true that we didn't go to sleep Friday night till 8:30 AM on SATURDAY morning, there was a 3 hour stretch in there where we just laid in each others arms and talked. THAT...was almost better than the sex (almost). At one point, I told him that he was the only reason I didn't want to leave Tulsa and he told me not to make a career decision based on him. That kind of stung a little but I let it go. Sunday morning...he walks me and my bags to my car, we kiss and cuddle a little more and then he says again:

Wolf: "Don't make a career decision based on me or our relationship."
Me: "Why? Don't you think I love you that much?"
Wolf: "Because...I"ll follow you anywhere you go."

My GOD boy...If you didn't know before you better know now. I am SO completely yours. :-)

Wish me luck tomorrow, kittens. I'm gonna need it!


  1. good luck tomorrow!!! btw, i love how you compared your O's to heroine. hahaha ;)

  2. without meeting him (YET?!? Do we all get to meet him over girls' weekend??), I already think you've got one HELL of an amazing man!!

  3. Boulder is pretty fantastic. I must admit. Also- your boy is super sweet. It was so perfect that he said he would follow you anywhere- I seriously got goosebumps- and not because it is cold.

  4. He sounds like a sweetheart! Good luck today!!