Picture Post

So this may be a picture heavy, text light entry. What are you gonna do?

For starters, I've been trying to keep my shopping to a minimum while out of work/searching for work. Keeping me from shopping is a little like keeping a crack addict off the street. I have to shop. It's as simple as that. So I've been thoroughly impressed with myself that I haven't bought much of ANYTHING in quite a while. So...last night, I decided I'd reward myself and go to Forever21.com and spend $50 and $50 only with my excuse being that I'm still in need of sweaters here in Colorado. I even stuck to the "Sale" section. Here's what I got:

I'm so totally impressed that I stayed under $50 and got some AMAZINGLY cute clothes. They'll be here just in time for me to wear the pants and pink top to pick Wolfie up at the airport this weekend.

Now, on to the BIG new. I found Wolf and I an apartment this morning. I was lucky enought to find an empty one. It's being painted as we speak and should be ready by the weekend. It's a super cute one bedroom near the Pearl Street district. It's more than I really wanted to pay but Wolf told me to get it...so I did it! Yeah! My big problem now is that I have no furniture aside from my TV. Wolfie has some that will come with him but until then...what's a girl to do? Looks like I'll be sitting in a bag chair till he moves up! :-)

My posts have been kinda boring lately huh? I should probably fix that or I'm gonna lose readers! I've realized that settling down leaves you with an abbreviated amount of drama/blog fodder. That's not a complaint though! Eventually, I'll have a new cast of characters to introduce you to. Kinda like Whitney moving from "The Hills" to "The City". But until then...help a sista out! Send me some questions or interviews or SOMETHING.

Have a great day, poodles...


  1. You seem to have such success ordering online... it stresses me out. I love the purple top!

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