Slow Your Pony There Cowboy

So it's been a LONG ass week of travelling around to work for very little money. Spent some much needed time with Wolfie when I got home last night. MUCH needed. Nothing quite like waking up next to a naked boy at 2am and telling him I need "some" only to have him light me up like it was the first time we'd had sex. Don't worry...I repaid the favor this morning by waking him up with my mouth. :-)

Mmm mmm...love that boy with the red hot fire of a thousand suns.

It's decision time. Most people would say it's too early to panic about not having a job. But I freely admit that I live paycheck to paycheck and probably beyond my means (especially now that I have no means). The bills have to get paid and making the paltry sum I did this week ain't gonna cut it, babies. None of the resumes and applications have brought any solid interest in and the potential client pick ups that we were hoping for are taking their sweet ass time. So...Sunday I make the 10 hour trek to Boulder, Colorado to spend some time with my sorority sister and to have a sit down with her boss. Is it a sure thing? Nope. Do I want to move to Colorado? Nope. The cost of living there is higher and the pay is probably lower. Not to mention the aforementioned boy that I love with the very depths of my soul wouldn't be there.

Here's the deal: I refuse to take a job that doesn't employ the education and degree that I spent my very last dime on. Call me stubborn, stupid, whatever. Add to that the fact that the job market in Tulsa slides further into hell every day. Of all the people that got laid off with me, I know of only 4 of them that have found employment elsewhere. Out of 29. And quite honestly...graphic designers are the last person on the hiring priority list right now. Wolf mentioned living together and he'd pay the bills. He even hinted at the "M" word. Slow your pony there cowboy! Let's not get CRAZY. I love you, but come on. So I have to do what I have to do...which means driving to Boulder, Colorado. At least there I would know someone and I would have an instant roommate and a place to live. Those facts, though, give me no joy. Fucking economy.

So wish me luck. I'm going to spend the next two days satisfying my boyfriend...with laundry and packing thrown in there somewhere. Sunday is gonna be a bitch...


  1. Your posts give me my much needed laughs during the day!! LOL!! Good luck with your job search, everything will eventually work out...damn the economy!

  2. good luck!! glad to see you're back to somewhat regular postings!

  3. Good luck sweetie! I'm keeping you in my prayers. I know it's been said a billion times - but everything really does happen for a reason. Stay strong!