The Weekend

Sorry I'm just now getting around to blogging around the weekend. It's been out of pure laziness that I haven't. Go figger.

We had a BLIZ-ZARD here last Thursday and Friday. 20 inches of snow. Yeah. So much snow that they closed down DIA on Thursday. They sent us home early on Thursday and we were off on Friday. It was crazy. I've never seen this much snow in my entire life. It's F'ing awesome. Buster flipped out at the amount of snow. Friday he just couldn't stand it anymore and BOLTED out the door when I opened it and went frolicking thru the drifts. Yeah, I'm sure he had fun but there was no fun had in chasing him down OR getting all the snow off of him. Mom was very put out!

Wolfie was here this weekend. The storm that hit us moved on to KS and OK on Friday and there was a chance his flight could have gotten cancelled. It's a good thing it didn't because I would have gone carnival freak CRAZY on someone's ass. There was no way I was waiting any longer to see him. I mauled him the minute I saw him. Most people would have been conscience of the fact that there were other people around watching but um...I didn't care. I probably would have turned around and dropped the panties right there if he had wanted it. FORTUNATELY his cooler head prevailed and we saved other people the embarassment of watching us hit it like a couple of gorillas. It wouldn't have been a family friendly scene. We made up for it later, though! :-)

We stayed at the Magnolia hotel in Denver. I didn't think it right for us to stay at the apartment all weekend and JRich offered to take care of Buster. You should look the hotel up, it was fab! Wolfie LOVED the apartment I found for us and Saturday we went out and bought a couch and a hi-top dining set for OUR apartment! (insert school girl giggle here). They get delivered on Wednesday.

The weekend went by WAY too quick...like I knew it would. And we're not going to see each other again for two weeks. All the time we had alone seemed to go in fast forward and I kept finding myself trying to slow things down. I wanted him to meet some of my new co-workers and see Boulder and all that but when you have a finite amount of time all of those activities seem like a waste. I just wanted to lay in bed with him and talk (well ok...not JUST talk) or sit and look at him and listen to him. I kept closing my eyes all weekend...trying to memorized the moment. The sounds. The feel of his hands or his body against me. His cologne. His voice. How soft his lips were. His laugh and what stupid thing I did to make him laugh. Memorizing conversation we had word for word. When did I turn into a girl?! I think we said "I love you" approximately 2,411 times. We're like Jr. High kids. It's kinda sickening.

I picked up the keys to the apartment last night. The couch gets delivered on Wednesday. I think I'm going to start staying there Wednesday night. I don't have a bed yet (it's still in Tulsa) but I'll either sleep on the couch or buy one of those inflatable ones. Wolf will be here in a month (along with the rest of our furniture) and I can manage either one of those for that long. I just want to get out of JRich's hair and space. She hasn't complained but she's the only girlfriend I have here right now and I don't wanna ruin that! LOL

That's life in the slow lane, boys and girls. The blog posts have gotten progressively more boring lately. I guess that's what settling down and falling head over heels in love will do to you, huh? Maybe I'm at the point I shouldn't do this anymore? I dunno...

Kisses, poodles. Have a great day. I'll leave you with these lyrics from one of my ALL TIME favorite songs that seem to be appropriate for me right now:
Theres a hole in my heart
That can only be filled by you
And this hole in my heart
Cant be filled with the things I do


  1. You should def. keep blogging. Trust me. Besides, when you want to bitch about coworkers, fights with the bf (they WILL happen eventually), you'll wish you were still blogging.

    Congrats on everything! Sounds like you are uber happy!!

  2. What an amazing time in your life to keep documenting. Young love is such an amazing thing. While it only gets better, I ecourage you to cherish these moments because you only fall in love with the right guy once :).

  3. Ahhhh! Reading all your posts and tweets about Love makes me want to be in love so bad! Please don't quit this thing, ever! It's far from boring!

  4. Thank you Lisa...you're TOTALLY right. You do fall in love with the right guy ONLY once. Thanks for that encouragement!