Home Alone

It snowed here again last night. I'm seriously starting to love snow...something I never thought I would say. Slept in my new apartment for the first time last night too. The only furniture I have right now is a couch, dining set, a TV and two lamps (one of which was here when I moved in). The TV is sitting on two milk crates that JRich and I kiped from the grocery store. :-) The rest of our furniture will be coming with Wolfie eventually. I had originally planned on sleeping on the couch till the bed arrived but lost control at Target the other day and bought one of those inflateable beds and bedding. The poor bedroom looks BARREN. Just the inflata-bed, lamp and a milk carton serving as a night stand (yeah...I took ALOT of milk cartons. Sue me.). I won't have cable or internet till Friday so Buster and I stole wi-fi from someone nearby and watched Hulu. Suckers and their unprotected wi-fi...

Buster usually sleeps with me but I had to put a blanket on the floor for him last night because the inflata-bed was NOT gonna work for both of us! Poor baby...he just stared up at me from the floor with a look of "how can you do this to me?!" I haven't had the heart to tell him that when Wolf moves in he won't be on the bed EVER again. That'll be a hard conversation...I'll have to distract him with a large supply of Doritos, his favorite.

I don't know what I'm going to do with myself this weekend. The boy won't be here, JRich has plans, Buster doesn't drink. I may have to read a book and just stay in. Haven't done that in a long damn time. Any suggestions other than the Twilight series?

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  1. Your's likes Doritos? My pup likes tortilla chips. Gets in the bag and eats them...

    I heart your blog!