Long Cold Weekend

I've got a bunch of loose-end updates to cover so grab a blanket and a pillow...this may put you to sleep. :-)

I joined a gym last week. I had a gym membership in Tulsa but RARELY went because it was either easier just to go running or find something else to do! I figure this is the best time to try and develop a gym habit when I don't have just a whole lot of other things to do. We'll see. I went for the second time on Saturday and one of the personal trainers made a weak pass at me. Give it up, you big monkey.

It was my first weekend alone in Boulder. JRich had plans out of town and I don't really know my co-workers well enough to cold call them for dinner or drinks or whatever. I used to be deathly afraid of being alone but I figured that I've done so many things in the past month that have moved me out of my comfort zone that I'd tackle a weekend alone headfirst!

I met my neighbors yesterday. They're sisters. BigSis is in grad school at CU and LilSis is an undergrad. SWEET girls. They brought me a welcome basket that had wine and food in it and apologized for not coming over sooner. Really? We made up for it by cracking open the bottle of wine and getting to know each other! I think I finally have friends! :-)

Wolfie and I found a great new toy yesterday as well. Skype! We video chatting for over an hour yesterday. I never thought seeing someone on a laptop screen would make a difference but man...it was so good to actually SEE him while we were talking. His smile and his facial expressions made our conversation SO much better. He has a phone interview later this week with a company in Denver. Cross your fingers and wish upon a star that it goes well!

My blogger friend Brookee Brooke over at "The Republic of Brooke" and I are are swapping interview questions with each other today and we'll post our answers tomorrow and link to each other. She gave me some f'ing great questions that I can't wait to answer.

Ok, kids...nap time is over. Fold up your mats and let's go outside for recess. :-)

Enjoying the drama fee life...

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  1. Yeah gym time!!!! And video chatting is THE best when you're missing someone :)