Fights, Friends, Parents, and Interviews

It was quite a weekend for me and the "Naked As The Day" crew! Spent three lovely days in Tulsa, OK with the boy and girls I love so dearly. Short recap would go like this:
  • Had more awesome sex than one person should have
  • Wolf and I had our first argument/fight/whatever...which led to more great sex
  • Dinner with what I guess you might call my "future in-laws"
  • Spent some great time with the girls I love SO much

We got off to a rocky start on Thursday night. The plan was for Wolf to take Friday off so we'd have more time together. I get there on Thursday night and he tells me he's decided to work on Friday after all. Why? Because he figured I'd want more time to spend with other people during the day on Friday. Thanks to still being tired from the night with the sisters, the emotional drain of not seeing him for two weeks and just overall being tired from a long day of work and flying...I exploded. I was an angry blubbering fool. In my mind, I came to town for one thing: to see him. What does he do? Work a complete day when I'm in town. Do you see the irrational girl thinking here? Yeah, I didn't. I was making perfect sense in my head. I finally started seeing the light of what he was saying though. There really were a ton of other people I wanted to see while I was in town. I relented and make up sex ensued.

Friday I got to have a sushi lunch with my ex co-workers. Damn the CEO for shutting us down and scattering us. I forgot how much I like those people and how well we got along and worked together. Damn him and his inability to keep a company afloat STRAIGHT to hell. I got to spend time with ALL my girls on Friday: Roomie, BFF, Queenie and D-bone. I loved EVERY minute of it! Both Roomie and BFF are dating new boys and I got to meet them on Friday night. I'm glad to report that I whole heartedly approve! Queenie and D-bone are still smokin' hot, single messes...although Queenie spent most of Friday night and Saturday crushing hard on one Mr. Mister, who graced us with his presence on Friday night. I couldn't have asked for a better time with my girls. We drank and danced our asses off Friday night. Early, early Saturday morning, laying in bed with Wolf, exhausted from a FULL day of perfection, I kissed him and told him "thank you". "For what?" he asked.

for knowing that I needed a day like today.

Saturday night, Wolfie and I went out to dinner with his mom and dad. In the midst of all the changes, plans and travel, it never once dawned on me that they would want to meet the girl that their son is so in love with that he's moving to be with. Once that hit me...I suddenly became very nervous. I had images in my head of saying totally inappropriate things, of not being able to carry on a coherent conversation and of simply not being liked by them. Wolf did his best to calm me but it didn't work very well. You know what did work? The two incredibly huge hugs I got from them when we met at the restaurant. They are totally adorable, sweet people. It's not hard to see where the Wolfman gets his mojo. It took me 12 seconds to fall in love with his dad, he's a riot. We ate at the Riverwalk and after dinner took a little stroll down the walk. Momma Wolf and I strolled arm in arm (loved that, BTW) and as we separated ourselves from the boys (who were busy smoking cigars) had the sweetest conversation. I'm not even going to disrespect her by sharing any of it here but the gist of it was she's never seen her son THIS in love and after two hours of dinner could totally see why he was.

Um...will you be my mommy?! Because you're totally awesome! I almost feel bad for having sex with your son now. (OK...not really)

Sunday was Easter brunch with some friends at The Cheesecake Factory then the boy and I wandered around the mall just being silly and goofy till eventually putting me back on the airplane to BoulderCo. It was weird coming home to and falling asleep in an empty apartment. Poor Buster Brown is still at the puppy resort till I get off work today. I'm ready for Wolf to be here.

Speaking of Wolf being here, he had a phone interview with a firm in Denver this past Thursday. It went smashingly and they told him they'd be in touch. I'm the worlds worst at getting my hopes up so I'm trying to control it... but I have my hopes up! Oh and because some of you have asked...yes, the sisters payed me back for the bail money. No hard feelings. It happens. I feel like your mom now but that's ok. :-)

Hope everyone has as great day! Time to work, poodles. Kisses...

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  1. Yay! So happy a/b boyfriend, parents, & girl time. Fun!