I am surprisingly excited about all the shit I have to do this week to wrap up, pack up and move NakedAsTheDay.com central headquarters to the beautiful town of Boulder, Colorado. I don't have much furniture and what I'm not giving to Roomie I'm putting in storage for Wolf to bring when he moves up. I'll be stuffing the Maxima to the gills and Buster and I will wave "bye bye" to the life we've known here. It's exciting and scary all at the same time. Love it.

Speaking of Buster. He wasn't happy at all that I've been gone for a week. Roomie said he was depressed all week and kept going into my room to lay on the bed. Poor baby. To get back at me, though, he's torn something up every day I've been home. Saturday, after I got home, he chewed thru the handle of one of my bags (not a good one but still...). Yesterday, while Wolf and I were out and about, he proceeded to chew up a flip flop. Today, while I was in shower, he started to mangle a tshirt. We've had a come to Jesus meeting. He's seen the error of his ways and has apologized profusely. He's still on probation.

I can't even use words to describe how good it felt to see Wolfie waiting on me when I pulled into the complex on Saturday. I don't think I've missed someone like that in my life. I jumped straight into his arms right. And although he convinced me otherwise, I thought it a grand idea to push him to the ground and fuck the hell out of him right there in front of God and the whole complex. Some people just have a problem with PDA, I guess. :-) Don't worry, though. I took him inside and got the job done. Several times.

I haven't seen or spoken to Ice since the "incident" and most of me has had ZERO desire to do either...ever. But I've been pleasantly surprised by the fact that he hasn't given Wolfie any shit for us being together so I thought it time to clear the air and bury the hatchet.


Wolf and I went to his place to get some stuff for the week. He stays at my place for several reasons:
1) I have a nicer place and a bigger bed
2) there's usually food and beverages at my place on a fairly consistent basis and
3) there's no Iceman and my place.

Anywho...my first reaction, upon seeing Ice, wasn't to scratch his eyes out like I thought it would be. It was very tense but cordial. There was some chit chat...about the new job and the move and what not...simple and easy enough. Then Wolf went to pack some stuff and left Ice and I alone in the living room. We just looked at each other until he finally asked "so...lotta hot chicks in Colorado?" with that greasy grin of his. We used to have semi-adult conversations. We used to joke around. But as I stared at him, I realized I wanted nothing to do with him anymore. I realized that our friendship (if you wanna call it that) was always based on potential...as in we were a potential hookup. The sexual tension had been replaced with just uncomfortable tension. I used to think he was gorgeous and awesome. He was Iceman...just like in Top Gun. Now he just seemed empty and ordinary.

The whole time we were alone there was no apology or attempt to clear the air. When we left, there wasn't a "bye" or "good luck" or "have a safe trip". He just sat there on the couch, drinking his beer, watching basketball. There was a time when I could have gone either way on these two. Iceman on one side. Wolfman on the other. But as Wolfie opened the car door for me and kissed me before I got in, I realized one great thing:

I made the right choice.


  1. Girl, I am SO excited for you...I cannot WAIT to keep reading as this show hits the road to CO. I know that your moving postpones our meeting, but I suspect that GD and I (and Jenn, probably!) can // will want to make a roadtrip west sometime soon!!

    I love Boulder, actually.
    I'm SO EXCITED for you!!! Congrats!

  2. Yes, yes you did! I'm so excited for you, miss.

  3. I'll be visiting soon... Oh-- check to see if the apartment next door to you is vacant...I'm looking to move! ;)