Round Robin Tuesday...I mean Wednesday!

SO sorry I'm late on my answers! I was unavoidably detained! Anywho...here we go!

1. Name something about yourself that makes you insecure and state why.
WOW...hmm. So many things to choose from. I'd have to say, though, the biggest thing I'm insecure about is people leaving me. Yes, I've been to enough counseling to know that I have daddy issues but I'm still TOTALLY insecure about people hanging around. In every relationship I've had, up to this point, I've tried to make sure I did everything needed to keep that person around...and failed miserably every time. The Wolf is different though and we've had EXTENSIVE conversations about it but that's a completely different question and blog entry in and of itself.

2. Describe what you think the perfect sign of affection is and why.
Wrapping your arms around me. I love getting hugs...especially at random times. I'm a hugger. I hug everyone all the time. Havin' a bad day? I'll hug you. Have a great day? Hug. Randomly in my path? I may hug you as I walk by. :-)

3. What age do you see yourself being married?
29. I've never been a big fan of marriage. Seeing my mom get married and fail four times was enough to scare me off that idea. But I really, really wanna be Mrs. Wolfman. And I'm ready to be that NOW...or in the near future at least!

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  1. Maybe the next time I have a layover in Denver, I can get one of those hugs!