Tuesday Questions From Brooke and Randomness

1. How do you show your love for someone?
I took a test one time that was supposed to tell you your love language i.e. how you express love. My top one was "Physical Touch and Closeness" and that is SO very true. I love touching the people I love. Hugs, kisses, holding hands, sitting close. It probably bugs the hell out of him, but I'm constantly touching my boyfriend...even when we sleep. And that's not just reserved for guys. It was totally commonplace for me and my girls in Tulsa to hug, kiss, hold hands, lay on each other on the couch. I don't think any of them were that way before they met me...I just rubbed off on them. Literally and figuratively. I love the electricity and warmth of touch. I can't think of a more intimate and personal way to tell someone, anyone, that I love them than touching them.

2. What's your best travel story?
Swimming with dolphins in Hawaii only to realize AFTER I got back in the boat that there was a shark there too. Yeah. They let us drop into the water off the back of a boat and swim with dophins. While everyone was watching the dolphins off the back, a shark quietly made it's way to the party from the other side of the boat where no one was watching. There were three of us in the water with five dolphins. After we got back into the boat, the boat driver and the dolphin trainer are whispering to one another. They then inform us that, while there is no need to panic, we'll have to wait awhile before the next group gets in because of the shark. I don't know why anyone of us thought this way...but I guess we were all picturing some cute little two foot baby shark. We look over the side of the boat and VOILA! There's a 7 foot tiger shark. I almost passed out. From that point, never got into water deeper than my knees...and even that made me nervous.

3. Favorite beauty product that you recommend to the women (and men too,if that's their prerogative!) In your life.
I originally bought this Neutrogena soap for just my face but now I use it all over my body. I leaves my skin feeling SUPER smooth and clean. My boyfriend even tried it and now loves it!

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