Get Your Sexy On

My girl, Vonda, over at "Sole Matters" tagged me in one of her non-Tuesday blog entries. This particular post is all about feeling sexy. The rules? List five details that make you feel sexy then tag five ladies you'd like to know what ignites their sexy engine. Here are mine...

1. Running - I think my legs are my sexiest feature and running keeps them in shape. Not to mention that, on more than one occasion, a certain wolfman has attacked and ravaged me after I got home from a run because of how I looked. So...apparently...running makes me look sexy. :-)

2. "Cotton Blossom" by Bath and Body Works - I absolutely love this fragrance. I buy the body wash, body spray, bubble bath, lotion...you name it. If they make a product in this flavor I've bought it. I love how it smells on me. The wolf likes it too. I've even been known to spritz the bed with it on certain occasions. bow chicka wow wow...

3. This Outfit: Boy cut jeans, tshirt, flip flops. I actually wore this outfit all day Saturday in Aspen. I don't know why it makes me feel sexy...it just does everytime I wear it. I feel kinda feisty in it too. :-)

4. This Outfit: I actually wore this one in Aspen too...on Saturday night when we went out for dinner. I bought it earlier in the spring. I actually bought the shoes first beacuse I couldn't bear to think of living life without them and found the dress to match. :-) I feel sexy everytime I wear it...especially walking thru the restaurant on Saturday night. I felt sexy as hell wearing it in our room later on that night too. I'm just sayin'...

5. This Guy - no matter what...he makes me feel sexy because he thinks I'm sexy. No matter what I wear, how I smell, how much makeup I have or don't have on. When I'm making a pig of myself with Oreo's and milk and when I'm dancing around and singing. On my best days and on my worst days, he makes me feel sexy. And that, dear readers, will set you free.

I tag the girls at the following blogs:


  1. I'm absolutely loving those nude heels!!!! Who makes them?

  2. sweetest blog ever! :)glad you had fun in aspen!

  3. They're Jessica Simpson "Ikina" and I own them in Raspberry as well :-)

    Jenn Bunny...did you notice I tagged you?!

  4. aw!! love this post! those tan shoes are hot! jessica sure knows how to make a shoe!