Tuesday Question

So...for today our question is: Who is your celebrity crush?

Oh Lord, I have several. Here they are in no particular order.

1. Anna Panquin - she's the SOLE reason I started watching True Blood and trust me...she hasn't let me down. She's hot as hell and that southern accent is to die for.

2. Zach Effron - Holy hell, it's a good thing he's over 21 or this would be bad. Just saw him in "17 Again" and totally fell in lust with him. Loved him in "Hairspray" and am totally sad he backed out of the "Footloose" remake. I've already told the Wolf that I'd give him up for Zach Attack if the chance ever arose. :-) I kid (not really).

3. Josh Holloway - Sawyer from "Lost". Oh. My. God. He's chocolate sexy on a stick. Bow chicka wow wow!

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