Back In The Game...sort of

So, if you have me in your Google Reader or any other kind of blog reader...you probably saw fifty-eleven new blog entries come up for me today. Fear not. I didn't sit down and write 40 something new blog posts. I reinstated all the older posts that I had deleted several months ago.

(read THIS entry to catch up on what I'm talking about)

Why did I reinstate them? Well, I mentioned a previous post that he's a really private guy. Not involved in any kind of social media or social networking of any kind. That's the whole reason the posts came down in the first place. So, a couple of weeks ago, in a random conversation, he tells me he'd be ok with those posts being back out there. Even though those posts mean the world to me because they document the start of our relationship, I was reluctant to repost them because I didn't want him just telling what I wanted to hear.

Last night, out of the blue, he asked if I had reposted those entries yet. So, after convincing me that he REALLY doesn't mind that they're out there, I reposted them this morning...and have had a BALL rereading them! So, with that...I'm back in the game, sort of. I've missed posting the random little details of my/our lives...but I'm going to be very aware and sensitive about what I post. Me? I could care less about what I post about myself (as evidenced by past posts). He's the one I care about.

Trust me, though. They'll still be entertaining! :-)


  1. Yay!!! This is such great news. You've been missed around here :).

  2. YAY!!!!!!!!!! I'm excited! =) Welcome back!

  3. Welcome back....I'm a new follower so I'm excited to learn about you two :)