Question Tuesday

This week Brooke, Vonda and myself came up with 1 question each. Be sure to check out Vonda and Brooke's blogs to see how they answered the questions!

What celeb do you despise? Name a male and female.

Male - easy, Brad Pitt. There's just something about him...his smile and the way he looks. Plus, he dumped Jennifer. Who does that?! I certainly wouldn't.

Female - I'm with Vonda. I can't stand Megan Fox. She's a whore. Plain and simple.

last thing you baked or cooked from scratch? include pictures if you happen to have them.

Oh no...I don't cook. Or bake. I've tried - really hard for a while - but it just didn't work out. So now the boy does it all and I have to say he's pretty fabulous at it!

If you had 12 hours to kill in your favorite city...where would it be and what would you do?

Easy. There's a place on the island of Oahu called Lana Kai Beach. The most awesome place on earth. I'd spend the whole time there.


  1. NO EFFING WAY! Someone else who knows about slash loves Lani kai!!!!! So beautiful :)

  2. ohh..brad pitt is a good one, and so is angelina jolie. shes such a slore. team aniston all the way! p.s. you're damn lucky that the boy cooks for you. does he have a brother? lol

  3. I hate megan foxx too. What a moron. She's so cocky and...barf I just hate her.

    I really like this post haha. and your blog offcourse.

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    Feedback is very welcom.

    - Jill