Do I Know You?

So let's get to know AJ a little bit...
  • I'm 28. Single.
  • I have a grown up job. I'm secure and stable on my own.
  • A bit of a shop-a-holic.
  • I have a large group of friends that are my family since I'm not particularly close to my actual biological family.
  • I have a roommate that I rarely see because she spends most of her time at her boyfriends house.
  • I own a dog. Buster's his name. Sniffin' butts is his game.
  • Can't stand sleeping alone. I do it though...at times. :-)
  • I'm more comfortable hanging out with guys than girls.
  • I'm a touchy feely kinda girl.
  • I'm bi-sexual when it suits my interests.
  • Prone to dating hot losers.
  • Went thru a nasty break-up earlier this year. Still feeling the aftershocks of that break-up actually.
  • Not one for girly drinks...give me a beer.
  • Brutally honest. Sometimes too honest. Strangely enough...sometimes I don't wanna hear the truth myself. Go figger.
I know this goes without saying...but any stories I tell that involve other people...the names will be changed to protect the innocent and the guilty. With that, let's meet three of my friends that I'll probably be talking about alot.

Roomie - My roommate. We met thru a mutual friend and have lived together for 3 years.Like I said in an earlier post she's not around all that much lately. She spends alot of time at boyfriends house. I don't like him much so it works out. They're also like baboons during sex so it's good I don't "get" to experience that part anymore either.

BFF - My best friend in the whole world. We've know each other since grade school. She's my partner in crime alot of times and I love her to death but has a tendency to get lost in her drama and boys and needs someone on a pretty regular basis to put her pieces back together. She'd take a bullet for me though. You know...if I was ever shot at.

Mr. Mister - My co-worker that I confess to. He's good lookin', funny, semi-single (meaning he's not married), and is like a brother to me at times. All girls have a guy that get set on a pedestal because they're infatuated with him due to the fact that he secretly fills some much needed roll in our lives. We believe all the good stuff and ignore all the bad stuff. He's mine...so hands off.

I'm sure others will be involved...but I'm guessing these three will be involved more than anyone. I could be wrong. I usually am. Sue me.

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