Round Robin Tuesday...minus one.

Our beloved Brooke, having the time of her life in Europe, is having to drop out of round robin game for a while...understandably. Lack is wi-fi and having too much damn fun are the culprits...as if blogging with us isn't fun! Whatev's. Pour one out for the homie. :-)

Miss Vonda and I will attempt to hold the fort down till the Brookster returns. So today, we're asked "What is your weirdest obsession?"

I've never been an obsessive person, per se (except for the obligatory "throw my panties and any member of *NSYNC" girl phase when I was younger). If I'm slightly obsessive about anything, though, it would have to be lip gloss. I just checked and I have no less that 4 different kinds in my purse, 3 in my desk and I'm quite sure there are AT LEAST a dozen at the homestead. Why? I don't know. I only have two lips. Need I two dozen types of lip gloss? No. But each are special to me in their own way. I could never give them up. To paraphrase the words of Chandler Bing "I love you all...in very different ways." I can quit anytime I want to...really...I don't have a problem. :-)

Besides...The wolfman likes the way my lips taste when I wear gloss. What other justification for gloss do I need than THAT?!

Check out the answers from my girls over at "Republic of Brooke" and "It's What's In The Soul"!


  1. LOL! I have a friend that is the same way! Plus, if the BF likes it, then there is no reason to change it!

  2. throwing the panties, that's so funny...I think we all went through that stage!