Round Robin Tuesday...once again!

So today's question is: Who was the first guy you fell in LOVE love with? How'd it go?
The first boy I fell IN LOVE with was Tim Gothard. I was a freshman in college and he was a junior. It wasn't love at first sight but there was a spark between us from the moment we met and it didn't take long to fall head over. Overall we dated for a little over a year. We even talked about a "future" together after college. I wish I could say some big blowout ended the relationship but I can't. It just kinda fizzled. We both came to a realization one day that we didn't have it or want it anymore. We had gotten so comfortable having each of us in the others life that "love" slowly died and got replaced by "security"... and it happened so slowly that we couldn't even see it while it was happening. After we broke up I vowed to never let that happen again.

Check out the answer from my girl, Vonda, over at "It's What's In The Soul"!

PS...We miss you Brookie Brooke!!

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  1. his name was silas. i created an elaborate plan with my best friend to get prom dates with these two eligible guys. the prom dates worked out, and my best friend ended up marrying hers, but unfortunatley i loved him more than he loved me.

    it was my own fault, really, for giving my heart away so quickly and easily, but i don't regret it.

    i don't think i'll ever love anyone like that again. and if i do, i'll make sure it's the right person. :-)