Change The Weather Still Together When It Ends

How do you miss the fact that you love someone...I mean REALLY love someone. How do you miss the fact that someone really loves you? Denial? Stupidity? Dumb luck? Whatever the reason, I'm guilty on both parts. You know those pictures that are made up of different shapes and colors and look like a jumbled mess but if you stare at them in JUST the right way you see the 3D picture in the background and go "OH!"? Yeah, that's how I feel. I didn't know Wolf had that in him...to feel and say those things. But damnit it just made him more sexier to me that ever.

We kissed for what seemed like forever. I couldn't get enough of him. The taste of his tongue. The feel of his lips. The warmth of his breath. The smell of his cologne. If I had my way we'd still be there doing that but alas...all good things get interrupted.

Roomie came home.

And she wasn't subtle about expressing her joy for what she was seeing. Now granted, I'm totally not against threesomes at all...but this threesome dogpile on the couch was a bit much. :-)

Wolfie (I totally have to find a reason to start calling him that in real life) and I retired to my bedroom where we laid on the bed and talked for what ended up being 4 hours. About everything. I mean EVERYTHING. We both got really vulnurable and honest with each other. We finally talked thru the whole Iceman situation. I was more than willing to take it all on myself and patch it up because they're roommates...not to mention best friends. He said not to worry about it...he'd handle it. I don't know what that means but I guess we'll find out.

I asked him if he wanted to spend the night. He said yes but he wasn't going to (plus 1 for Wolf in the sexiness column). Then I tried to even that score by saying something sexy only to be one up'd by him:

Me: Do you wanna stay here tonight?
Wolf: yeah...but I'm not gonna.
(insert smiles and giggles here)
Me: well just know that I am COMPLETELY yours whenever you want
Wolf: oh I know...

I think Mr. Wolfman just moved to the front of the sexiness line. I had either completely forgotten or blocked from my memory how good it felt to hear someone say 'I love you'. Especially when it was as unexpected as this. It's amazing how fast you get used to not hearing that.

It feels even better to say it though...