What A Difference A Year Makes

Last Valentines Day, I was in a relationship that seemed stable and heading in a great direction. Little did I know that 3 months later it would crash and burn leave me convinced that relationships weren't worth the time and effort at all. Liaison's and one night stands were the way to go. Relationships were for the birds.

Boy...was I wrong.

Friday night I went out with Roomie and BFF. Had to MAKE myself not text or think about Wolf. I wanted to leave him alone so he could be with his friends. I finally broke down at 1am when I was laying in bed. I texted him to tell him good night and his response was:

"damn...I was wondering if I was ever gonna hear from you tonight! :-)"

That was just yummy. He brought Roomie and I lunch on Saturday then we and spent the afternoon running random errands and goofing off. We fixed dinner together that night (Chicken Alfredo. QUITE good!) then snuggled up on the bed and watched one of my most favoritest movies, "Serendipity". Fast forward to 2am...we had both fallen asleep watching TV. I woke up and realized he had pulled up the blanket, turned out the light and was fully intent on holding me all night long. So I let him. :-)

It was absolutely the best night I've spent with a guy that didn't involve sex! ;-) I didn't want him to leave on Sunday morning. I think it's totally goofy (in a good way though) how attached to him I am already. Other than two minor things, life couldn't be better. Those two things are:
  1. Wolf made absolutely NO move on me. Given the fact that I basically offered myself to him anytime anywhere the other night, it's got me wondering. Wondering if he's still a little "messed" about me sleeping with McButter last weekend. I hate that...
  2. He hasn't handled the Iceman situation yet.



  1. My BF and I discussed his lack of moves on me when we first started dating, last night. His reasoning for waiting - "Sometimes when you REALLY care about someone, it's WORTH the wait".

    So, that's my insight.

  2. Ya know, sometimes it IS worth the wait...

    and sometimes men like it for YOU, the "sweet and innocent girl that you are," to make a move or two...maybe not ALL THE WAY, but a step in that direction might be fun!

  3. I say waiting is always key...although it's very difficult sometimes. But that way, you know you are both in it for one another, not the physical GREATNESS that comes along with it. :)