Forever21.com Worked For Me

(the following is a personal testimony and not a paid advertisement for Forever21.com)

So I mentioned in yesterdays post about the new clothes from Forever21 that I wore yesterday. I also mentioned Wolfman's reaction to how I looked when he picked me up for lunch (PS...I loved rather hot if I say so myself!). Anywho...went for a mani/pedi last night with Queenie and D-bone. We had a GREAT time and even went to grab dinner afterwards. Whilst at dinner, I get a text from one Mr. Wolfie asking if I had some time to talk to him after I got home. Are bears catholic? Does the pope shit in the woods? OF COURSE I have time for you, silly! I called him on the way home and he tells me he'll be at my place in a few. Fair enough. I'm a tad concerned given my ability to attract drama as of late but I brush it off.

Now mind you...I'm still wearing my hot ass outfit PLUS my toes and fingers are candy apple red now. FUCK. I look good. :-)

When he gets there he asks if we can go talk in the bedroom. At this point, I'm TOTALLY worried because he looks and sounds so serious. Shit. Thanks to the wine at dinner, I've got all kinds of things running thru my mind. I close the door and don't even get my hand off the knob and he attacks me. ATTACKS ME. Tells me that lunch totally turned him on and he couldn't get me out of his mind all afternoon. Tells me I've never looked hotter.

Um...you had me at "hello".

I couldn't get my hands into his pants fast enough and he couldn't get my skirt up any quicker. We didn't even get our clothes completely off till round #3. Sleep finally became a topic of conversation around 2:30am. I was completely and totally late for work this morning but the morning sex alone was COMPELETEY worth it!

And why did all this happen? Because of my Forever 21 outfit. THANK YOU Forever21.com!

(we now return you to your regularly scheduled programming)


  1. omg, omg, omg....I need MORE details!!!! That is ridiculously hot, girl!!! wow.

    I can't wait until you two have this whole weekend together....and I get to hear // read more about it!!!!

    YEAH Forever 21!

  2. HAHA that is too funny! My BF loooovvvesss a purple-ish top that I have from there and he too tried to jump me when I wore it.

  3. I'm willing to drop however much money it takes at Forever 21 to get laid like this! Congrats on getting some Lovin'!!!

  4. Sounds like a fun time!

    I finally went back & read your blog to catch up on the story line - crazy!!! :)

  5. Hey! I changed my webaddress to my blog and changed my name...resubscribe if you want to...sorry for the inconvenience...I had to do it. :(

  6. And this is why I shop at F21 as well.. :)

  7. hey! make sure you enter my giveaway!

  8. That cracks me up! I guess I need to stop by the mall on the way home!