The Morning Drive II

Todays morning drive song and dance is brought to you this morning by the lovely Michelle Branch and Mr. Carlos Santana. I hit repeat on this one about 4 times!

Also, I had a couple of people ask where my last couple of blog titles came from:
"Hello, Hello...This Is Romeo..." came from a Melissa Ethridge song called "No Souvenirs". Awesome song. Go find it and check it out.
"Change The Weather Still Together When It Ends" is from a Maroon 5 song called "Sunday". Probably my most favorite of all their songs.

So...what's everyone have planned for Valentines Day? Wolfman and I decided the other night that we'd just stay in, fix dinner and chill. No gifts, no cards, just the pleasure of each others company. What does everyone else have planned though?

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  1. Love "Sunday" by Maroon 5! I am about to do an entry about my V-Day plans...check it out later...it is really FUN news!!!!!!