Then The Bottom Fell Out...

I spent a glorious weekend with a man that I'm and falling in love with a little more every day. We had awesome conversations, great laughs, AMAZING sex (more times than I can count)...it was just the perfect weekend. I then came home and spent the evening with my girls watching the red carpet and the Oscars.

Then the bottom fell out.

I got laid off from my job this morning. Not just me. All twenty nine employees. The owners called us all into the conference room and dropped the bomb on us. No warning. No severance. Nothing. It floored us all. The meeting got very ugly very fast. Needless to say...I freaked out. Not a little. ALOT. Wolf says I shouldn't be worried...but I am. I'm scared. I'm a graphic designer and this isn't the best market for my line of work even when the economy is good. Roomie has already said I don't have to worry about rent or the bills and Wolf said he'd make my car payments if I needed him to. I know they loves me and mean the best but being a charity case just makes me feel worse.

I loved my job. I loved what I did and who I did it with. Now it's gone and I'm a little depressed...


  1. Oh no! I'm sorry hunny! I'm sending lots of positive thoughts your way... There will be a sudden influx of companies who need graphic designers and you will have your choice of high paying jobs!

  2. Oh dear, I'm so sorry. ::hugs::
    Keep your chin up girl! Be thankful you are surrounded by people who love you and will catch you when you fall.

  3. I know the feeling, I also got retrenched recently. My world fell apart. Here's the good news, I got a new, very exciting job & I'm starting on Monday. All is not lost, just DON'T lose hope! It will all work out.

  4. Oh sweetie, I am so sorry. Keep your head up and keep going. Think positive things. I'm sure your dream job and more money is on its way.

  5. aww honey i'm so sorry. me and all my co-workers got laid off from in october from the place i worked at and i've yet to secure another job. i know it seems bleak now but don't worry. it will get better eventually. at least you have good people like your roomie and wolf to keep you up when you're feeling down!!

  6. oh man that totally sucks! i am so sorry!! there were a bunch of people just laid off where i work and was told yesterday that my job is safe. but i feel for you...good luck with the job hunt!