Random Shmandom

I'm wearing some of the Forever21 clothes I bought last week. Grey top, black skirt and my Jessica Simpson "Vanity" heels. I LOVE wearing new clothes! The outfit looks just how I imagined it. Wolf picked me up for lunch and the first words out of his mouth were, and I quote, "God Damn...you look awesome". Desired effect: achieved! :-)

So on the way home last night, I got a ticket! BOO! He says I was going 53 in a 40. He may be right because I was dancing and singing and not really paying attention but it doesn't matter. That's only the SECOND ticket I've ever gotten and I was sick to my stomach when he was talking to me. I was near tears (again...where's that shit coming from? I don't cry). I even choked up on the phone telling Wolf about it. I guess it didn't help any that he told me what the fine was for a ticket that big. SHIT on a cracker!

Roomie and I watched Biggest Loser last night...and drank a little too much wine along the way. We seriously have too many shows to watch on Tuesday nights. Thank GOD 90210 doesn't come back till mid March. Now we just have to choose between BL and AI. I'm totally in love with "Loser" though and have a slight crush on trainer Bob. That tight little body, all that ink...yummo!

There's a new show starting Thursday night on SOAPNet called "Being Erica" that looks really really good. But like every other obscure show I like...it'll probably get cancelled after only a few episodes.

Sorry this is a plain vanilla entry. That's what happens when you stop cattin' around like a whore I guess. :-) Totally looking forward to the weekend with Wolfie though. Getting a mani/pedi tonight with Queenie and D-bone then getting a wax (yes, that kind) tomorrow. Sister has to be ready for action, right?!

Ok lovers...have a great afternoon! Hopefully I'll have a more juicy entry soon. This one was a snoozer.


  1. If you're going to get a Brazilian, I recommend Tend Skin from Sephora.


    I've been told (from a male friend) that if you tell a cop you were ...masterbating... that the cop will be so flustered that he will let you go. Someone should try it and let me know how it works. hehe

  2. God, I love Forever21......if it were up to me I would spend my entire paycheck there.

    SoapNet totally rocks my world.....I swear, like every re-run of my favorite show is on that channel. Love it.